Water Management

Water is a vital needs in tin production process. In the production process, the Company uses waters for various activities, including for tin ore mining, spraying tranportation area to minimize dusts, as well as for a domestic needs in the operational fields and offices. The water that are used by the Company in its production process comes from water reservoir that comes from various sources such as river, land, and rain.

In the utilization, the Company constantly maintain water volume that are extracted from the mentioned sources above to the determined usage reshold. This is conducted in order to maintain the balance and conservation of water sources in the long-term as well as to reduce risks towards the ecosystem aroung the mine. [GRI 303-1] 

To calculate the total of water used, PT TIMAH Tbk installed a water usage measurement tool in each water sources. In its mining operations, PT TIMAH Tbk strives to utilize water efficiently since the availability of clean water in the world is dimisihing. In managing water, the Company has established policy related to the usage, control, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of water periodically though an approach of convervation, efficiency of water source, and recycling. These are conducted to mitigate the negative impact of water usage in the Company’s mining area. As for the initiative of water conservations by PT TIMAH Tbk in maintaining the balance of the nature and environments are: [GRI 103-2]

1. Utilization of rain water and sediment pond water for supporting operational in production activities.
2. Reuse recycle, and recirculation of treated water waste for processing purposes.
3. Establishment of biopore and absoption well to increase land water conservation.
4. Repair and maintenance of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) facilities for water and waste water installations.

As for the extracted water based on the sources throughout 2020 are the following: [GRI 103-3, GRI 303-1]

Water Sources 2018 2019 2020
Surface Water (Reservoir) - Bangka Belitung 1.936.584 617.426 376.079
Surface Water (Reservoir) - Kundur 71.945 409.530 513.466
Groundwater (Kantor Pusat, Griya, Pot) 106.224 106.224 106.224
Total 2.114.753 1.133.180 995.769


To ensure water quality that will be returned back to the open stream at the end of production process, all water (100%) that is used for onshore mining operations is a recycled water that has been treated through close system circulation. This system is implemented by building a safety port or dam in order to prevent working water from flowing out, and vice versa while preventing water from entering the working front. The working water from these sources are then circulated to prevent water deficits trhough a closed circuit management system. Other than for efficiency, this system also prevents wastewater sediment to pollute the river.

Meanwhile, to determine the volume of recycled water, PT TIMAH utilizes flowmeter or rotameter to record the flow rate of fluid volume -including water- that is installed in the water managemeng system.

Table Of Volume And Recycled Water Usage [GRI 103-3, GRI 303-3]

Sumber Air Penggunaan 2018 2019 2020
Surface Water (Reservoir) - Bangka Belitung Mining Operations 1.936.584 617.426 376.079
Surface Water (Reservoir) - Kundur Mining Operations 71.945 409.530 513.466
Total   2.008.528 1.026.956 889.545