e-Procurement Next Generation

Stages of Registration of PT TIMAH Tbk Goods/Service Providers
To become a partner of PT TIMAH Tbk and make transactions on the Next Generation eProcurement Application (Eproc NG), your company must register on the procurement.com (PDC) application & activate it on the Eproc NG application.

Below are the steps that must be taken as follows:     

  1. Please log in via the PDC link:    https://vendor.pengadaan.com

  2. Then update the mandatory data for Goods/Service Providers (PBJ) to the status of Mr/Mrs Active company and add PT TIMAH Tbk as the buyer. Registration guide to become good/ service PT TIMAH Tbk click here.

  3. Once your company has Active status on PDC, please log in to Eproc NG with the same Username & Password when logging in to PDC via the following link: https://eproc.pttimah.co.id/extranet 

  4. The next stage of the Activation process in Eproc NG is by filling in the Integrity Pact Form, Statement Letter, and K3LH Letter according to the template which can be downloaded & re-uploaded on the Eproc NG main/profile page. 

  5. If all the steps above have been carried out/completed & and the status has been activated in Eproc NG, then your company can make transactions and participate in the goods/services procurement process at PT TIMAH Tbk.