Waste Management

The Company's operational activities generate solid and liquid waste, both hazardous and toxic (B3), and non-B3. To mitigate the impact of waste on the surrounding environment, PT TIMAH Tbk manages its waste in an integrated manner in accordance with national and international standards and strives to comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Waste management is operated according to the type of classification, namely domestic waste, hazardous & toxic waste (b3), radioactive waste, and liquid waste.

Domestic Waste Management
The Company disposes of its household waste, i.e waste from residential and office areas, to the Final Disposal Site (TPA). The company involves the surrounding community to manage organic waste. The waste is utilized as compost and land revegetation fertilizer. Other materials indirectly related to the production, i.e. use of plastic paper and the like, are all (100%) processed as recycled materials by a competent third party.

Hazardous Waste Management
The Company manages its B3 waste more carefully and it is carried out in collaboration with licensed third parties, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The B3 waste from the company's operational activities includes: uses lubricating oil, grease, batteries, filters, TL lamps, chemical packaging, medical waste, and other B3 wastes which can potentially have a negative effect on the environment.

Industrial Wastewater
Wastewater of effluent generated by PT TIMAH Tbk from its electronic refining (ER) process for tin ore washing, factory processes, and water containing oil from fuel tanks and diesel power plant process at the DPP Metallurgical Unit. The Company is committed to handling and management of its wastewater in a way that consistently holds the wastewater quality standards as set by the regulation before flowing it back into the ecosystem. To ensure this, the company builds wastewater treatment plants (IPAL) and oil trap tanks in its main operating facilities. 

For further information regarding PT TIMAH Tbk's Waste Management Policies, please download below :