Waste Management

As a Company that engaged in mining industry, PT TIMAH Tbk’s operational produced solid waste and liquid waste which are Toxic and Hazardous Substance (B3) and non B3. As a Company that puts forward a good mining practices and is committed to maintain the preservation of nature and environment, PT TIMAH Tbk manages its waste in integrated manner in accordance with the national and international standard and strives to fulfill the prevailing provisions. In PT TIMAH Tbk, the management of waste is classified by its type, which are domestic waste, Toxic & Hazardous Substance (B3) waste as well as radioactive waste, and liquid waste. (GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2)

Domestic Waste
For domestic waste that comes from settlement and office are, PT TIMAH Tbk stores the domestic waste to final disposal site (TPA). As for organic waste, the management involves the nearby society. By making it into compost which later being used for fertilizer for revegetation of land. Other materials that are indirectly related to production aspect, such as used paper and plastic, used printer tint and the like, are (100%) recycled by a competent third party.
(GRI 103-3)

B3 Waste
PT TIMAH Tbk also produces several types of mining waste that can be categorized as B3. In the management of this type of waste, the Company is extremely careful and takes special treatment in the storage, extermination, and utilization.
(GRI 103-2)