Training & Development

Employee Training and Competency Development [404-1] [F.22]

The Company provides competency development for each employee to support their productivity. The Company’s competency development program is based on a Learning Architecture which has been aligned with the Company's Long Term Plan (RJPP). The competency development program consists of two competencies, including hard competency and soft competency. In 2022, the Company provides competency development. During the year 2022, The Company provided competency development to 4,244 employees (100% of employees received competency development programs). A full description of training and competency development can be found in the 2022 Annual Report.

In addition, the Company also provides training related to sustainability performance to improve employee competency in supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the training materials provided cover economic, social, environmental, and corporate governance topics.

Pension Preparation Program (MPP) [201-3] [404-2]

As a form of appreciation, the Company provides benefits for employees who are entering the retirement period. This appreciation is in the form of allowances as regulated in Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower, Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), and Decree of the Board of Directors of PT TIMAH Tbk No. 1497/Tbk/SK-04400/16-S11.2, dated October 3, 2016, concerning Changes and Re-Establishment of PT TIMAH Tbk Employee Participation Procedures in the Benefits of the Severance Program severance pay Complete information regarding pension fund liabilities can be seen in the 2022 Financial Statements listed in the 2022 Annual Report. The Company has prepared two pension programs for employees entering their retirement age.

1. Severance Pay/Pension Benefit Program

The Company registers permanent employees in the Pension Benefit Program from Life Insurance Company according to the Restatement of Pension Benefit Funding JS Insurance Policy No. EBP/PHT-0000002624/ EA dated May 1, 2021, with Jiwasraya and Cooperation Agreement No. 0473/Tbk/SP-4000/20-S11.4 dated December 22, 2020, regarding Management of Pension Benefit Insurance Funding Program and Employee Saving Program with PT Perta Life Insurance (formerly PT  Asuransi Jiwa Tugu Mandiri).

2. Post-Employment Program

The Company provides post-employment benefits in accordance with the Decree of the Board of Directors No. 1579/Tbk/SK-0000/2010-B1 in Retirement Money. Retirement Money is an appreciation awarded by the Company in the form of money to its employees who have reached the retirement age of 56 years old, die, retired due to illness, honorably discharged at the age of 46 years old with a minimum service period of 16 years, and discharged due to disappearance after a decision from the local District Court.

The Company has also provided a pension preparation program by training employees who are approaching retirement age. This training is intended to develop mental and expertise as a provision for employees to remain productive despite no longer being active employees. the requirements that need to be fulfilled by employees to take part in this training are employees who will retire within 3 (three) years. The employee preretirement training lasts for five days with the following materials:

  • Motivation, physical and mental preparation for retirement.
  • Starting a business, investing, and time management;
  • Catfish farming business with bio floc method (theory and practice);
  • Farming business with hydroponic method (theory and practice).