Labor Rights

The Company's Efforts in Supporting Human Rights

2022 is the first year for PT TIMAH Tbk to implement the human rights policy or Business & Human Rights Policy which was launched on September 27, 2022. This policy is a form of PT TIMAH Tbk's commitment to respecting human rights and is the foundation for the development of various policies and standard operating procedures in the Company. This policy covers civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights that are most relevant to PT Timah's operations, as well as partners and supply chains. As a form of the first step in the implementation of human rights policies, the Company will recover all the negative impacts on human rights that have been caused by the Company. The recovery is carried out by involving and/or working with community organizations or trusted representatives from the community, as well as relevant stakeholders in planning and implementing recovery to increase the effectiveness of recovery based on the principle of prevention so that it does not recur. The Company conducts periodic monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Human Rights Policy, to ensure that the Human Rights Policy can be implemented properly.

Throughout 2022, the Company has never conducted an assessment of risks that are related to violation of labor rights, including employee rights to gather, state opinion, and to associate; child labor risk; and forced labor/compulsory labor risk. Furthermore, until the end of 2022, the Company also did not find any locations/main contractors/other vendor suppliers that are indicated to have significant risk related to the violation of labor rights and Human Rights. [407-1, 408-1, 409-1] The Company is committed to ensuring equality and no discrimination in its work environment, occupational safety and health guarantees (K3LH), respect for privacy and protection of personal data, these efforts are a form of the company's commitment to the right to employment.

The Company has established a complaint mechanism, as a channel to accommodate all types of reports and complaints from both internal and external parties. This complaint mechanism is easily accessible and has a fair system. Until the end of 2022, no complaints were received through email [406-1]

Employee Remuneration and Welfare Supporting Facilities [F.20]

As an appreciation of the Company to its employees, the Company not only provides a salary that exceeds the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) but also provides other facilities. The provision of these facilities is one of the Company's efforts to improve employee welfare and increase productivity. The Company has a standardized system of compensation and feedback that is stipulated based on the performance competencies of the employee. Thus, the remuneration provided by the Company can be received fairly and equally for both women and men. There is no difference between the ratio of basic salaries of male employees and female employees. In addition, the Company also ensures that Contractors and Outsourced have work/procurement contracts that are required to meet the province's lowest basic salary.

Other facilities such as the provision of other benefits to employees in the form of holiday allowances (THR), leave allowances, overpriced allowances, detasering/ operational allowances, performance allowances, health insurance, retirement benefits, and leave entitlements are determined in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Company also cooperates with competent institutions in organizing the “Old Age Insurance (JHT)” program and enrolling employees in the BPJS Health Program. Apart from JHT, the Company also provides health services through its Associated Entity, PT Bakti Timah Medika.

Maternity Leave [401-3]

Maternity leave is one of the facilities provided by the Company other than health services. In accordance with company policy, the Company provides 3 (three) months of leave for female employees and 3-5 days for male employees.

Dignified Industrial Relations [2-30]

The Company ensures that each of its employees has freedom of association, to ensure this, the Company has an employee organization called the Ikatan Karyawan Timah (IKT) and Persatuan Karyawan Timah (PKT). The assurance of this labor union is listed in stipulated in Law No. 21 of 2000 concerning Labor Unions. With the existence of IKT, the Company is optimistic that it will create dignified industrial relations in supporting work productivity and ensuring employee welfare. In addition, the Company openly provides opportunities for each of its employees to develop by listening to suggestions for improvements, opinions, and criticisms regarding the Company's operations. All inputs received are listed in the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), which is reviewed and updated periodically (every two years). A total of 90.62% of PT TIMAH Tbk employees have joined as IKT members and 0.011% have joined as PKT members. The Company also respects the freedom of opinion of its employees by holding routine communication between the management and IKT.