High Quality & Responsible Product

Marketing and Sales

The Company ensures the marketing of its products is conducted through an appropriate strategy that prioritizes customer needs. Some of PT TIMAH Tbk’s marketing strategies are:

  1. Developing market by increasing sales quantity in each export destination country, especially to the United States.
  2. Optimizing export sales to fulfill demands from the global market.
  3. Maintaining the quality of products and services through consistent distribution, speed, and accuracy of documentation, after-sales service, and timely delivery of products and services, which are strategies that are closely related to market development.
  4. Adjusting sales volume to prevent an oversupply of tin metals in the market that potentially reduces its selling price. PT TIMAH Tbk developed a marketing communication strategy by organizing Customer Gatherings and customer visits.

Until the end of the reporting period, there were no incidents of non-compliance related to marketing communications.

Product Responsibility [F.17, F.27, F.28, F.29] [3-3]

The Company is committed to always maintaining its product quality that can be accepted by the international market and is listed on the metal exchange market at the London Metal Exchange. The quality of all of the Company's products is guaranteed with international standard product certificates (weight and analysis certificates) which are guided by product standards set by the LME so that they can be traded as commodities on the metals exchange market. Therefore, the Company is committed to providing equal services in fulfilling and maintaining the quality of its products, both in product security and safety aspects for consumers. 100% of our products have been evaluated for safety to ensure that our products have no impact on the health and safety of customers. During 2022, the Company has no noncompliance incidents related to the health and safety impacts of its products and services. In addition, the Company did not have incidents of non-compliance with product quality as stated in labeling, product and service information, marketing brochures, or marketing campaigns for the Company's products. Until the end of 2022, no PT TIMAH Tbk products have been recalled from the market [416-1] [417-3]

Each of the Company's products bears the brand logo of PT TIMAH Tbk and includes the net weight and purity grade of each tin ingot. On the packaging of tin metal products that will be sent to customers, the Company includes information on product legality in accordance with the provisions of primary commodity trade in the global market. Throughout 2022, there were no noncompliance incidents related to products & services information and labeling, as well as the health & safety impacts of products & services. This can be seen from the absence of complaints/reports received by the Company from Customers regarding product non-compliance. [416- 2, 417-1, 417-2, 417-3]

During 2022, the Company was not faced with any incidents of non-compliance in relation to the Health and safety impacts of products and services. In addition, during 2022, the Company did not receive any customer complaints of product non-compliance. [416-2, 417-3]

Good marketing communications directly impact the Company's sales performance. Throughout 2022, our market share was still dominated by exports, with 94% and 6% domestic sales. Total tin metal sales in 2022 reached 20,805 metric tons, lower than in 2021 which was 26,602 metric tons, and below the sales target of 33,776 metric tons. The total sales of tin metals contribute to 5.48% of the world's tin market. Detailed information regarding marketing and sales aspects can be found in the 2022 Annual Report.