Environmental Management

PT TIMAH Tbk is fully committed to building awareness of environmental sustainability by managing and administering the environmental impacts of its operational activities. The Company is fully aware that the issue of environmental sustainability is currently stronger, considering the empirical conditions shot that extreme weather ofter occurs in various regions which is part of the global scale climate change phenomenon, is suspected caused by the destruction of environmental ecosystems globally which requires joint corrective actions.

The Company is therefore strongly determined to build an environmental awareness on all levels considering that any company from any business segment would not be sustainable if it does not carry the responsibility for environmental management. The Company is committed and determined to ensure the management of environmental impacts from the initial operational stage to the post-mining area reclamation stage. The Company is determined to realize the environmental management programs referring to the provisions of applicable laws and regulations, and carry out all activity items, not just carrying out obligations, but above and beyond complying with the requirements.

In carrying out production processes and business activities within the operational area, the Company always refers to and complies with the provisions and regulations of the Government. The following is the summary of provisions and regulations that regulates PT TIMAH Tbk’s environmental programs:

  1.     Control and Prevention Aspect
  2.     Environmental License Aspect
  3.     Environmental Audit Aspect
  4.     Garbage and B3 Waste Management Aspect
  5.    Water Quality Management and Water Pollution Control (Sea, Waste and Domestic Water) Aspect
  6.     Pollution Control and/or Devastation of Sea Aspect
  7.     Conventional Air Pollution Control and Greenhouse Gas Emission Aspect
  8.     Management of Hazardous and Toxic Materials Aspect
  9.     Radiactive Management Aspect
  10.     Reclamation and Post-mining Aspect.

Related to the regulation from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry regarding the obligation to acquire an environmental license, the Company has always updated its environmental license that is required in the regulations which will be explained in the Environmental Impact Analysis (ANDAL), Environmental Management Plan (RKL) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL) as a reference in managing and monitoring environmental impacts to avoid or minimize negative risks that may occur to the environment and to increase positive impacts. That effort is a manifestation of the Company’s strong commitment to using an environmentally-friendly technology. PT TIMAH Tbk’s commitments and sincerities to comply with various environmental regulations result in an absence of sanction or fine for the violation or not complying with the prevailing regulations.

Certification in Environmental Field
In the implementation of the Company’s operations which are based on processing Natural Resources, PT TIMAH Tbk is very concerned about the principles of environmental management. As proof of the Company’s seriousness in handling and maintaining the ecological balance, the Company has obtained several certifications. The list of awards in the Conservation and Management of the Environment that is achieved by PT TIMAH Tbk in the environmental field in 2018 - 2022 PROPER period is as follows:

Production Area 2018 Proper Rank 2019 Proper Rank 2020 Proper Rank 2021 Proper Rank 2022 Proper Rank
Bangka (Sungailiat dan Belinyu) BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE
South Bangka (Toboali) BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE
Muntok Metallurgical Unit  BLUE GREEN GREEN GOLD GOLD
Kundur Metallurgical Unit  BLUE BLUE GREEN GREEN GOLD
Primary Tin Production Unit (Batu Besi)       GREEN GREEN
Primary Tin Production Unit (Pemali)       BLUE BLUE
Primary Tin Production Unit (Paku)         BLUE