Energy Management

Energy is one of the vital ness in the operational of PT TIMAH Tbk. In its operational activities, PT TIMAH Tbk uses several energy sources such as BBM type HSD (High Speed Diesel) and MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) and electricity. From the various energy source, Oil Fuel (BBM) contributes the most to the operational production costs. Therfore, the Company strives to carry out an efficiency method by utilizing fossil fuel which will results in a non-renewable energy saving as well as reducing pollution from fuel combustions. [GRI 103-1]

PT TIMAH Tbk has started to utilize solar cell which is located in Kapoeng Reklamasi Selinsing, East Belitung. While it is still in a small scale, it is expected to become an initiation to develop a bigger renewable energy sources in the future. Furthermore, the Company has also utilizes Biodiesel 30 (B30) which is made of 30% vegetable oil, however the utilizations is still limited in several instruments in the Company’s operational area. The  performance of Energy Management in PT TIMAH Tbk throughout 2020 shows a decrease in energy usage compared to in 2019, as shown in the following table: [GRI 103-3, GRI 302-1] [6.d.3)a)] 


Year/ Tahun Energy Consumption/ Konsumsi Energi (Gjoule) Energy Consumption/ Konsumsi Energi (TOE)
2014 2.718.841 66.312,53
2015 2.342.158 57.125,23
2016 2.042.616 49.819,40
2017 1.956.381 47.716,13
2018 2.124.021 24.614,14
2019 1.916.394 46.740,85
2020 1.487.957 36.291