Nature and biodiversity conservation is not only important for the balance of ecosystem and the success of PT TIMAH Tbk’s activities in each operational areas. For the Company, a well conserved biodiversity is an invaluable legacy for the future generations that also adds business values when integrated into the Company’s operational and business model. [GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2]

PT TIMAH Tbk’s commitment is important since the Company’s operational areas are mostly located in a Production Forest Area. The Production Forest Areas are located in Bangka Regency, West Banka, Central bangka South Bangka, Beliting and East Belitung. PT TIMAH Tbk strives to avoid making a significant negative impact to the Company’s operational area. The details of Mining Business Liscense in the Production Forest area can be seen from the following table: [GRI 103-3, GRI 304-1]

No Operational Location Onshore (Ha) Offshore (Ha) Forest Conservation (HK) Area Forest Conservation (HL) Area Production Forest (HP) Area
1 Bangka 62.068 19.756     19.471
2 Bangka Barat 48.708 41.109     23.280
3 Bangka Tengah 21.845 5.039     7.560
4 Bangka Selatan 23.907 14.358   79 5.858
5 Belitung 13.263       3.518
6 Belitung Timur 30.355 30.910     5.201
7 Lintas Kabupaten 88.492 28.491   608 32.155
8 Karimun Kundur   18.875      
9 Kepulauan Riau   6.540      
10 Lintas Provinsi   19.594      
  Jumlah 288.638 184.672 - 687 97.043


In the biodiversity conservation activities, PT TIMAH Tbk mapped the surrounding production area to identify the species that lives around. The idenfication refers to the Red list of International Union for Coservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), CITES, as well as Government Regulation LHK No. P 106 Year 2018 concerning the Types of Protected Plants and Animals. Especially related to the status of Red List  from IUCN, in the reporting year, PT TIMAH Tbk has conducted conservation to 2 types of mammals with Vulnerable (VU) status, 1 type of mammal with Least Concern (LC) status, 22 birds with LC status, 10 herpetofauna with LC status, 5 trees with LC status,  3 trees with VU status, 1 tree with Critically Endangered (CR) status, 1 tree with Near Threatened (NT) status, 1 tree with Data Deficient (DD) status, 1 non-trees with DD status, 2 non-trees with LC status, and 1 non-tree with NT status. The complete flora and fauna conservation status carried out by the Company are as follows: [GRI 103-3, GRI 304-4] [6.e.2)] [6.e.3)a]