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Technology Information

  • Integrated Small Mining (TKT)

Since 2017, the Company has had one mining equipment innovation in the form of integrated small-scale mining (TKT) or Sub Surface Mining. Sub Surface mining is mining conducted under the surface using Bore Hole Mining Method. This method is directly operated mining the ore body without excavating topsoil or overburden. The benefit of TKT is it can execute a smaller mine area compared to the open pit method. [MM11]

  • Fuming Technology

Through Fuming Technology, the Company can improve the recovery of smelting and refining processes by increasing the recovery of refined tin from the processing of the backlog parts through this fuming process. Utilization of this fuming technology is one of the programs carried out by the company in order to optimize the Mining and Processing of Leftovers for mineral conservation.

  • Ausmelt Technology

Through Ausmelt Technology, the Company can process tin ore with a lower tin grade in tin smelting and refining facilities. Ausmelt technology has a larger capacity, safer, more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly melting process. Until the end of 2022, the installation process of Ausmelt's TSL smelting technology has been completed by the Company and can be operated.


Throughout 2022, the Information Technology (IT) Division has realized several work programs to support digitization, including:

  1. IT System Development Related to the development of the IT System, the Company developed activities that are focused to digitize business processes by developing key applications, inter-system integration applications, and routine maintenance of system applications.
  2. IT Infrastructure & Security Related to IT infrastructure and security, the Company developed activities that are focused on monitoring systems, increasing data center capacity, improving service quality, and network connectivity, as well as strengthening security systems.
  3. IT Service & Operational Related to the development of IT service and operations, the Company developed activities that are focused on the fulfillment of Information Technology service facilities to End Users, such as updating devices, adding software licenses for Office Suit, and Professional Services.

Customer Data Security and Confidentiality [3-3]

The Company is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all customer data and will not use this data beyond the agreed limits. The company guarantees that there is no breach of privacy or loss of customer data. In addition, after each transaction, the Company will store the data in the SAP program. Through this method, the Company aims to avoid complaints or reports related to breaches of customer privacy and loss of customer data in 2022. Until the end of the reporting period, there were no leaks, theft, or loss of customer data that occurred in the Company. [418-1]

Furthermore, the Company is also committed to always providing maximum service to customers by providing consistent product quality, product packaging, timely delivery, after-sales service, and quality business relationships??????.


For any complaints/reports, customers can contact:

  • Marketing Division through Marketing Communication Manager
  • Corporate Secretary

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