Our Business

PT TIMAH is the producer of metal tin with high standard and quality.

Tin Solder

Tin Solder is one of the downstream products produced by subsidiary of PT TIMAH. In 2009, PT TIMAH extended its business to downstream industry in order to increase the added value of tin metal by building facilities for solder plant. Solder Plant has two separate lines of productions: Lead Free Solder and Lead Tin Solder with total capacity of 2,100 Mton/year. Currently, both are manufactured as Wired Solder and Solder Bar and patented as TIMAH SOLDER.

Downstream Product

Tins Solder :

  1. Bankaesa SnPB 6337
  2. Bankaesa SnCu 3
  3. Bankaesa SnCu 0.7
  4. Bankaesa SnAg 3 Cu 0.5