PT TIMAH is the producer of metal tin with high standard and quality.

Procurement of Good and Service Policy

The Company is committed to carry out goods and services procurement in a professional and transparent manner. The commitment to realize a professional and transparent procurement is stipulated in the Company Regulation  No. 10/Tbk/PER-0000/18-S11.1 concerning the Procurement Guidelines of Goods/Services in PT TIMAH Tbk.

Procurement of Goods/Services in PT TIMAH Tbk has to implement the following principles:

  1. Efficient, meaning that the has to be endeavored to obtain an optimal and best results in terms of time and cost fairly and not only based on the lowest price;
  2. Effective, meaning that the Procurement of Goods/ Services has to be in accordance with needs and able toprovide benefits as many as possible based on the target set by the Company.
  3. Competitive, meaning that the Procurement of Goods/ Services has to be open for Goods/Services Business Partners who fulfills the requirements and is conducted through a healthy competition between Goods/Services Business Partners who fulfills certain requirements/ criteria based on a clear and transparent provision and procedure.
  4. Transparent, meaning that all provisions and information regarding the Procurement of Goods/Services, including technical requirements of procurement administration, evaluation procedure, evaluation results, determination of Goods/Services Business Partner candidate, is open for all Business Partners/participants who are interested.
  5. Fair and proper, meaning to give equal treatment to all Goods/Services Business Partner candidates who fulfills the requirements; and
  6. Accountable, meaning that it must achieve target and can be accountable to avoid potential abuse and deviation.


Procurement Policy

  1. Goods/Services are obtained based on the Company’s needs, fulfills the technical specification, having a quality, sufficient amount, on time, and reasonable price.
  2. Refers to the Company’s Budget and Work Plan (RKAP) that has been established by the Board of Directors.
  3. Strive to Procure Goods/Services by prioritizing official agent source.
  4. User of Goods/Services prioritize domestic production, national design and engineering as well as expansion of opportunities.
  5. For Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, as long as the quality, price, and objectives can be held accountable.
  6. Procurement of Goods from foreign Business Partners, needs to have a letter of recommendation and guarantee in terms of technical service from the factory, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading.
  7. In order to encourage the domestic industry, the User of Goods/Services may give preference of domestic product utilization why still complying to the prevailing law and regulations.
  8. Strive to Procure Goods/Services for routine and continuous long-term (multi years) operational, to ensure availability and sustainability of operational as well as development of the Company.
  9. In a long-term procurement (multi years), the Company shall establish a formula for price adjustment based on the increase or decrease which is adjusted to the market condition and the applicable best practice. 
  10. Providing opportunity for the Procurement of Goods/ Services policy to be implemented on a limited basis.
  11. The Procurement of Goods/Services process has to be implemented based on the order of provisions as regulated in the Company Regulation, except in an Urgent Condition with the Board of Directors’ approval, the Procurement of Goods/Services can be made specially. Violation of this policy will result in the Company being unable to process payments.
  12. Prioritizing the synergy between SOE, ROE, VOE, Subsidiary of SOE, Affiliate Company of SOE/ROE, Subsidiary, and Affiliated Company by considering the fulfillment of a maximum benefits, in order to improve business or economic efficiency.

The Company has established several requirements for business partners who wishes to partner with the Company based on the prevailing law and regulations. This is also one of the Company’s efforts to obtain goods and services with the best quality and price.