Integrated Governance & Risk Monitoring Committee

In line with the increasingly dynamic and competitive business development, as well as the complexity of risks faced by the corporation during the disruption era, the Company is urgently needed to strengthen its commitment to the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, including effective risk management to achieve both the Company’s short term and long term goals as well as to ensure business continuity. To support the Company’s commitment as well as to improve the supervisory function of the Board of Commissioners relating to the effective implementation of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management, the Integrated Governance and Risk Monitoring Committee (TKTPR Committee) was established as a supporting organ of the Board of Commissioners. The TKTPR Committee’s role is to assist the Board of Commissioners in conducting supervisory and advisory duties to the Board of Directors relating to the effective implementation of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

TKTPR Committee Charter

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the TKTPR Committee of the Company is guided by the TKTPR Committee Charter which contains, among other things, provisions regarding the duties, authorities, responsibilities, and work programs of the TKTPR Committee. As a working guide for Committee members, the TKMR Committee Charter regulates the following matters:

  1. Introduction, consisting of Background and Legal Basis;
  2. General Provisions, consisting of Definitions/Definitions and Purposes/Purposes;
  3. Establishment and Membership of the Governance and Risk Management Committee;
  4. Duties, Authorities, and Responsibilities;
  5. Work program;
  6. Performance Evaluation and Costing; And
  7. Closing.

This TKTPR Committee Charter was prepared with the intention that in carrying out its roles and responsibilities, the TKTPR Committee has references or work guidelines, so that the TKTPR Committee can work independently, objectively, independently and transparently, and can be accounted for in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and best corporate governance practices (Best Governance Practices). To ensure that the TKTPR Committee Charter/Charter is always relevant to the development of the Company's business and the development of regulations and best practices in the field of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management, the Committee constantly reviews and updates the Charter/Charter. The TKTPR Committee Charter which is the current work guideline is No. 12/Tbk/Kep/DK- September 30 2020 and the charter which was last renewed in 2022 which was determined based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners of PT TIMAH Tbk No. 09/Tbk/Kep/DK- dated 17 October 2022 concerning Stipulation of Work Guidelines (Charter) for the Audit Committee, Human Resources, Remuneration and Nomination Committee, and Governance and Risk Management Committee.

TKTPR Committee Personnel

The TKTPR Committee has 4 (four) members, one of whom is a member of the Board of Commissioners serving as Chair.

TKTPR Committee Personnel Structure

Based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners No. 09/ Tbk/Kep/DK- dated 27 June 2023, the personnel composition of the TKTPR Committee is as follows:

No. Name / Nama Occupation/ Jabatan
2 SUFYAN SYARIF Member/ Anggota
3 SUHENDRO W. SENTANU Member/ Anggota
4 NASMIFIDA Member/ Anggota