Human Capital, Remuneration and Nomination Committee

The HC-Renom Committee has strategic roles in supporting the Board of Commissioners to carry out oversight and advisory duties to the Board of Directors, especially in the management and development of HC, including in the Remuneration and Nomination function

HC-Renom Committee Charter

In order to support the effectiveness of the implementation of its functions, duties, and responsibilities, the Company’s HC-Renom Committee refers to the HC-Renom Committee Charter as stipulated in Decree No. 12/Tbk/Kep/DK01. dated September 30, 2020, dan No. 09/ Tbk/Kep/DK- dated October 17, 2022, concerning the Charter of Audit Committee, Human Capital Remuneration and Nomination Committee as well as the Governance and Risk Management Committee of PT TIMAH Tbk’s Board of Commissioners. The HC-Renom Committee Charter regulates the procedures of organizing operational activities as well as the following subjects:

  1. Introduction;
  2. General Provisions;
  3. Establishment and Membership of the Human Capital Remuneration and Nomination Committee; 
  4. Duties, Authorities, and Responsibilities of Human Capital Remuneration and Nomination Committee;
  5. Work Guidelines;
  6. Performance Evaluation and Expenses;
  7. Conclusion.

HC-Renom Committee Personnel

Currently, the members of the HC-Renom Committee of PT TIMAH Tbk consist of 3 (three) people, one of whom has been appointed as the Chairman of the Committee.

Composition of HC-Renom Committee Personnel

In accordance with the provisions of the Board of Commissioners Decree No. 11/Tbk/Kep/DK- dated July 17, 2023, the following is the composition of the members of the HRRenom Committee:

No. Name Occupation
1 M. ALFAN BAHARUDIN Chairman / Ketua
2 RUSTAM EFENDI Member / Anggota
4 YANTO Member / Anggota