ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS)

 The total CG Score (overall score) of GCG practices according to ACGS obtained by the Company for the 2021 financial year (ASEAN Scorecard 2021) is 90.64. Overall, the results of the PT TIMAH Tbk (TINS) GCG implementation assessment place the Company in the “Very Good” predicate, where the company’s GCG practices have fully adopted international standards. This governance practice can still be improved by the Company to show a strong commitment to the
implementation of GCG towards the implementation of GCG in Indonesia.

The summary of the results of the assessment of the Company’s ASEAN CG Scorecard (ACGS) for 2021 is as follows:

Komponen Penilaian/ Evaluation Component Tahun buku 2021/ Fiscal Year 2021 Tahun buku 2020/ Fiscal Year 2020
Hak-hak Pemegang Saham / Shareholder Rights 9,00 7,89
Perlakuan Setara terhadap Pemegang Saham / Equal Treatment of Shareholder 7,33 6,67
Peran Pemangku Kepentingan / Role of Stakeholder 13,85 15,00
Pengungkapan dan Transparansi/ Disclosure and Transparency 22,58 22,58
Tanggung Jawab Direksi dan Dewan Komisar/ Board of Commissioners & Board of Direct Responsibilities 31,88 33,23
Bonus 8,00 10,00
Penalti / Penalty (2,00) 0
Skor/ Score 90,64 95,37
Predikat / Predicate Very Good Very Good