Go Offshore, Go Deepers

The dynamic business world has driven changes in the tin mining industry and challenged PT TIMAH to continue to evolve into a reliable mining company while maintaining environmental balance. One of the strategies for the business sustainability is to strengthen the fleet of offshore mining operations by adapting the latest technological developments through the Production Suction Vessel and Dredge Vessel in bucket wheel dredge model. The offshore mining operation reinforcement is articulated in "Go Offshore, Go Deeper" spirit.

As an integrated tin mining company, its operations include the activities of exploration, mining, smelting to sales. Tin mining is a major business enterprise and as a form of business competence development and optimization of the resources available. Thus, through its subsidiary PT TIMAH also manages business unit of coal, exploration, engineering, overhaul and shipyard services.

The Company has mining license covering approximately 510,000 hectares comprising land and sea area. The Company’s tin mining operational activities are supported by the offshore mining fleet consisting of dredgers and production suction vessel, while the mining activities in the area of land are held in collaboration with the mining contractor. Registered amount of dredgers and production suction vessels owned by the Company is 11 units and 10 units sequentially.

Tin smelting center owned by the Company is located in Mentok, Bangka and Kundur in Riau. Both smelting units have a total of 12 units of furnaces. To improve the quality of the raw material tin ore, the company also has a center of tin ore leaching (washray). Both smelting units produce various tin products with quality and form adapted to the needs of the market and costumers. 95% of tin metal products distributed for the purpose of exports and 5% for the domestic market. Tin brand produced by the company include Banka tin, Mentok tin and Kundur tin that are registered at London Metal Exchange. The company also produces products that are environmentally friendly such as Banka Low Lead and Banka Four Nine that are used as raw material for the manufacture of lead-free solder.