Sustainbility Strategy

Since 2018, the Company has developed and implemented a sustainability strategy that will be applied throughout the Company's operations including its subsidiaries. It is expected that through the formulation of commitments to implement sustainability programs in various fields, the Company can integrate the aspects of Economy, Nature Conservation, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Human Resources (HR), Community, and Governance into all of its business operational activities.

As a reference for all personnel in carrying out business activities by making the realization of sustainability goals as a guideline in setting targets, performance evaluation, and preparation of subsequent work plans, the Company has established 6 pillars of PT TIMAH Tbk's Sustainability Commitment, which are directly related to the efforts to realize the sustainability goals, which are formulated as an elaboration of the Company's vision in the environmental and social aspects that are integrated into the realization of economic and operational targets in a balanced manner.

The Company has established 6 pillars of Sustainability Commitment which are formulated from the elaboration of the Company's vision by supporting the realization of Sustainable Development Goals, they are: 
1. Ensuring the economic Benefit from our operation
2. Encouraging the Advancement of Human Resources
3. Supporting Social Community Development
4. Safeguarding the Health and Safety of Our People
5. Protecting Mother Nature
6. Upholding Good Governance & Compliance

The six pillars of TIMAH have been aligned with the Sustainability Pathways of MIND ID as the Holding of the State-owned Mining Companies, which is formulated concerning the 2021 GRI standards, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainalytics index, the principles of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM).
1. Environment & Climate Change
2. Smart Operation & Product Stewardship
3. Insan MIND ID People
4. Society
5. Ekonomic Development
6. Governance