Excellent Operation

Optimization of Productivity

Throughout 2022, the Company has carried out various improvement efforts in order to achieve an optimal production and operational process. The following are the efforts carried out by the Company:

  • Optimizing the evaluation & monitoring of production equipment objects.
  • Conducting grade control drilling in onshore and offshore IUPs.
  • Standardize the use of fuel in offshore mining equipment (Bucket Chain Dredger & Cutter Suction Dredger).
  • Optimizing topsoil excavation with 1 machine for suction dredge mining operation.
  • Maintenance of offshore mining equipment by the operational team.
  • Increasing mining recovery optimization in onshore and offshore mining.
  • Optimizing the utilization of Mining and Processing Leftovers for mineral conservation.
  • Operation of Own-Subsidy mining (Such as Small Scale Mining).
  • Operating new mining exploitation Area in IUP (Mining Business Permits) through Joint Land Use Mechanism in the overlapping area with Palm Oil Area.

Production and Sales Volume [3-3]

In 2022, the Company produced 20,079 tons of tin ore which decreased by 19% compared to the previous year about 24,670 tons. As for total tin metal production, the Company succeeded in producing 10,825 tons, or a decrease of 25% compared to the previous year which was about 26,465 metric tons. This decrease was affected by the decrease in tin ore production.

All of the Company's production was carried out through offshore and onshore minings. At offshore mining activities, there were several issues including reparation of offshore mining equipment, overburden thickness, and also mining exploitation in Manggar Sea, East Belitung is not operated yet. On the other hand, there was a delay in onshore mining activities and a decrease in mining partnerships.