Social and Environmental Responsibility Program

The Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL) is a form of the Company’s commitment that aims to benefit its development and create added value and sustainable impact on communities surrounding the mining to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (TPB). The company’s CSR program is in line with the direction of government policies which focus on 3 (three) sectors, namely Education, Environment, and MSMEs, and referring to the Company CSR program, these are elaborated in 4 (four) pillars namely social,  economic, environmental, and legal and governance.

The number of funds allocated to support the implementation of the CSR program was decided by the GMS. The TJSL funds are allocated by SOEs which are then charged directly to the Company’s operational cost.

Various realization of facilities and infrastructure investment activities, where the investment is pro-bono, in the context of distributing TJSL funds carried out during 2021 includes: [GRI 413-1, GRI 203-1]
1. Oto Sehat (Timah Sekawa) and TIMAH Go Sihat.
2. A House Worth Living.
3. Capacity Building for Indigenous People.
4. Revitalization of worship facilities.
5. Capacity building of Fostered Partners (Exhibition).
6. Opening Access Road for Farmers in Limbung Village.

Further information regarding PT TIMAH Tbk's Social and Environmental Responsibility Program can be downloaded below ;