Indirect Economic Impact

PT TIMAH Tbk, through the Muntok Metallurgical Unit, developed a social innovation, namely the AMOI (Integrated Independent Agro Village). This AMOI Village Program is a form of the Company’s commitment to improving the welfare and independency of the surrounding communities with zero waste principles. This program is a solution for the issues faced by the residents of Tanjung Village and Air Limau Village who are still dependent on other areas to fulfill their needs, including the high demand for compost and plant seeds in Bangka Island, low food security in Muntok, West Bangka, and high demand for several commodities (freshwater fish, poultry, and vegetables). Muntok Metallurgical Unit succeeded in empowering the existing farmer groups and developing new groups whose members consisted of non-permanent workers such as illegal miners. The activities that were carried out include composting, animal husbandry, nurseries, and fisheries which are all integrated into one area. The Company also provides various technical and supporting training, construction of infrastructure facilities, and coaching for the surrounding community. The Company and the fostered group held training for Vermicomposting, horticultural agriculture, and aquaponic fisheries, and build Warung Amoi as a place to accommodate all processed products of the fostered group. The Amoi Village program has succeeded in leading Tanjung Village to become a participant in the Climate Village Program.

PT TIMAH Tbk through the Kundur Metallurgy Unit adapts and mitigates the impact of climate change, by increasing food security and encouraging the people of Setunak Island to be able to protect mangroves. The Company provides trainings related to crab cultivation and hydroponics, bookkeeping and marketing of crops. In addition to training, the Company also provided assistance by building 2 ponds, providing crab seed, and hydroponic installation. The people of Setunak Island who initially only relied on marine catches, are now able to cultivate crabs and mangrove seeds to add value and increase the community's food security. In addition, the Company also provides training related to processing waste into compost and ecobreak. It is expected that with the assistance provided by the Kundur Metallurgical Unit, the people of Setunak Island can improve their economy, food security, and beautify the area, as well as foster a sense of concern for the environment.

The reclamation village of Selinsing has become a tourist attraction in East Belitung. Previously, the Reclamation village of Selinsing was a former tin mining that was successfully transformed into an alternative tourist destination on the island of Belitung. Reclamation village of Selinsing provides a variety of community engagement activities, such as nursery, composting, livestock farming, fish farming system, void repair, cultivation of horticultural crops, fruit crops, forestry crops, and other activities. Management of the Reclamation village of Selinsing is carried out in collaboration with BUMDes Selinsing. With the existence of Kampong Reklamasi Selinsing as a tourist attraction, the surrounding community can enjoy the beauty of nature and also improve the economy of the surrounding community.

In addition, there is a solar power plant (PLTS) with a capacity of 10 KWP. This solar power plant is used to support the program of providing the program in Selinsing Reclamation Kampong.

Community Social Investment

The Company has allocated some funds to support the implementation of social responsibility activities, both for the TJSL, PUMK, and PPM Programs. In 2022, the Company spent Rp33.15 billion to support the implementation of our three programs. Each program has an allocation of Rp14.68 billion for the TJSL Program, Rp1.18 billion for the PUMK Program, and Rp17.29 billion for the PPM Program. The total has decreased from the previous year of Rp54.31 billion, this was due to adjusting to the realization of production. Company.