Community Development and Empowerment Program

The activities in Company’s Community Development and Empowerment Program (PPM) undertake the endeavor to improve the community’s ability, both individually and collectively, in order to have a better standard of living. PPM Program Implementation is based on 3 (three) approaches:

  1. Partnership: a program based on the intention to work together with all parties within the framework of equality, mutual trust, strengthening, and growth, as well as positive benefits for present and future generations.
  2. Balance: the program shall be designed and implemented by prioritizing the balance of interests between parties, aspects, fields, resource allocation and growth, and development among program beneficiaries. 
  3. Sustainable: the program will be organized with the  following steps:
  • Manage all resources using environmentally  friendly technology;
  • Open up opportunities for all parties to grow and develop together on an ongoing basis;
  • Preserve the ecosystem function to supply, protect, and support natural resources for the life of present and future generations;
  • Utilize procedures and systems-oriented toward ecosystem sustainability to ensure the continuity and
  • the integrity of life, both for present and future generations. 

Basically, the PPM Program focuses more on 8 (eight) aspects formulated in the PPM Master Plan document, namely; education, health, level of real income or employment, economic independence, socio-culture, environment, the establishment of community institutions, and infrastructure tailored to the needs of the surrounding community. Infrastructure development is carried out, considering that infrastructure is an important part of improving the economy, because infrastructure development will bring economic growth to the community around the operational area. [GRI 203-1]

Further information regarding PT TIMAH Tbk's Community Development and Empowerment Programs can be downloaded below