Occupational, Health and Safety

Decent and Safe Working Environment [POJK51 F.21] [3-3]

PT TIMAH Tbk focuses on achieving no fatal mining accidents, no heavy injuries, no occupational diseases, and no pollution as well as minimizing the negative impact on the environment. With this commitment, the Company hopes to create a decent and safe working environment for all of the Company's employees. This commitment is realized by implementing the basic Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) policies in carrying out operational activities. In carrying out good and proper OHS aspects, the Company implements several national OHS standards, such as the Mining Safety Management System (SMKP) in accordance with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 1827K/30/MEM/2018 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Good Mining Principles, Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) of 2021-2023 period on Chapter IX, and the implementation of ISO 45001:2018.

OHS Management System [403-1]

PT TIMAH Tbk consistently carries out the OHS culture transformation program, implements and measures the performance of the Mining Safety Management System (SMKP), and implements the ISO 45001:2018 program.

The implemented SMKP includes all organic employee personnel, the Company's auxiliary employees, and Business Partners who are involved in the distribution/ logistics activities of the Company's products, and act as part of the product distribution chain. By the end of 2022, the Company has received ISO 45001:2018 certification for several of our production facilities, such as in Muntok and Kundur. Obtaining Good Mining Practice Award, the Company also conducts routine evaluations of the OHS management audit system every year since 2018. All of these policies contain provisions on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the establishment of a Mining Safety Committee/P2K3, employee obligations to be involved in carrying out OHS supervision and inspection, active and regular participation in OHS training activities, and so on. Complete information regarding PT TIMAH Tbk's Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Policy can be accessed at [403-1]

The Company implements an OHS management system in order to control the risk of work accidents in the Company's operational environment. The scope of this OHS implementation covers all mining entities and the Company's operations, starting from operators in the field, and management, to third-party contractors involved with the Company's activities, without exception, including guests. All (100%) employees have been included in the consistent implementation of the OHS management system in all operational areas. The Company regularly conducts internal and external audits on the performance of OHS implementation. The audit process aims to ensure the quality of OHS implementation systems is recognized nationally and internationally. The external audit of the OHS implementation is carried out by 12 certified internal auditors of SMKP Minerba. [403-1, 403-8]

OHS Department [3-3]

The Company has established an OHS Department Work Unit which is responsible for the management of the OHS K3 Management System in the Company. The OHS Department is responsible to ensure that the work accident management system functions properly across the Company's operational units. Apart from the OHS Department, the Company also has an Occupational Safety and Health Committee or also known as the Mining Safety Committee (KKP). These committee members consist of the Head of the Department and OHS employees, operational, and representatives of worker organization. The establishment of the KKP is in accordance with the Minister of Manpower Regulation No. PER-02/MEN/1992 concerning Procedures for Appointment, Obligations, and Authorities of Occupational Safety and Health Experts.


Featured OHS Programs

The Company is committed to continuously improving the quality of its OHS implementation. Various efforts have been conducted by the Company to continuously improve the OHS risk awareness culture through our programs. The following are some of the featured OHS programs that we have implemented in 2022.

OHS Performance [403-9]

Throughout 2022, the Company has made maximum efforts to prevent and mitigate the risk of work accidents. These efforts can be seen in the decrease in fatal work accidents. In 2022, the Company did not receive reports related to illness resulting from carrying out tasks that exceed applicable regulations. The following is a table of recapitulation of PT TIMAH Tbk's work accidents in 2020-2022.

Safety - Public Policy [12.22] [3-3]

In ensuring that the company's operations are implemented responsibly, the Company conducts periodic communication and coordination, both with MIND ID and other relevant stakeholders at the regional and central levels. This communication is carried out to ensure that the mining policies/regulations implemented by PT TIMAH Tbk are included in the Mining Business Permit Area (WIUP) free from the risk of illegal mining. In addition, the Company also entered into an MOU in collaboration with the National Police and the Indonesian Armed Forces. This MOU aims to secure national vital objects (Pam Obvitnas), secure WIUP, safeguard company assets and control illegal mining.

Until the end of 2022, there is no monetary value of political contributions either financially or in the form of objects/goods given directly and indirectly by the organization. [415-1]