Environmental & Climate Change

PT TIMAH Tbk is aware of the increasingly significant environmental sustainability issues, considering that the current climate conditions are indicating extreme weather that often occurs in various regions as part of the global scale climate change phenomenon. Therefore, the Company is committed to developing environmental awareness by managing the environmental impact of its operational activities. 

The Company is committed to always ensuring the environmental impact management aspect from the initial operational stage to the reclamation stage of the postmining area. In addition, the Company strives to realize environmental management programs based on the applicable laws and regulations and carry out all activities better than the required compliance.

In line with the Company's commitment to mitigate the impact of its operational activities as well as to manage and improve environmental quality, the Company has established and implemented an environmental policy which is regularly evaluated based on the results of the Management Review (KUM). The Company routinely conducts risk analysis on environmental aspects related to products and shipping or transportation.

Environmental Costs [POJK51 F.4] 
The Company's support for the environment through the environmental programs has yielded optimal results, in which there have been improvements and enhancements to the quality of the environment around the operational area. The Company is always committed to environmental sustainability by providing environmental provision funds to support the realization of the Reclamation Plan of Postmining Restoration Program that has been prepared. Until 2022, the Company has spent Rp. 55,429,165,658; (Fifty-Five Billion Four Hundred Twenty-Nine Million One Hundred Sixty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Fifty-Eight Rupiah) for environmental management and preservation. This number increased due to the inflation/ price increase and the expansion of the reclamation area. This environmental cost includes the implementation of land and sea reclamation, as well as environmental protection and management.

Environmental Awards and Certifications 
The company has ISO 14001:2015 certification, the latest version of the environmental management standard, and is used as a reference in carrying out environmental programs. The company has also implemented ISO 17025:2017 accredited system. The Company has registered 12 employees to obtain certification in the competency of Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management (OPLB3) related to the management of B3 waste. Thus, it is expected that the certification can help the Company in implementing more environmentally friendly operations.

The list of awards in the Conservation and Management of the Environment that is achieved by PT TIMAH Tbk in the environmental field in the 2018 - 2022 PROPER period is as follows:

Production Area 2018 Proper Rank 2019 Proper Rank 2020 Proper Rank 2021 Proper Rank 2022 Proper Rank
Bangka (Sungailiat dan Belinyu) BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE
South Bangka (Toboali) BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE
Muntok Metallurgical Unit  BLUE GREEN GREEN GOLD GOLD
Kundur Metallurgical Unit  BLUE BLUE GREEN GREEN GOLD
Primary Tin Production Unit (Batu Besi)       GREEN GREEN
Primary Tin Production Unit (Pemali)       BLUE BLUE
Primary Tin Production Unit (Paku)         BLUE