Post-Mining and Reclamation

Reclamation is an activity carried out throughout the stages of the mining business which includes organizing, restoring, and improving the quality of the environment and ecosystem so that it will function again according to its designation (MEMR Regulation No. 26 of 2018). PT TIMAH Tbk undertakes reclamation as a token of compliance with laws and regulations, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 1827K/30/MEM of 2018 Appx. VI concerning Guidelines to Implementation of Reclamation and Post Mining and Post Operation in Mineral and Coal Mining Business Activities. 

Onshore Mine Reclamation

As a form of the Company’s commitment to post-mining management, the Company has prepared seven documents of the Reclamation Plan for each area:

  • IUP Bangka Regency 
  • IUP West Bangka Regency 
  • IUP Central Bangka Regency 
  • IUP South Bangka Regency 
  • IUP Belitung Regency 
  • IUP East Belitung Regency 
  • IUP Inter-Regency 

The Company has also carried out the following stages in reclamation activities:

  1. Planning to ensure that the prospective location for the reclamation plan can be continued for reclamation and it is no longer economical to carry out mining. 
  2. Site survey to find out in detail the initial baseline conditions prior to reclamation activities. This stage is also useful for determining the form of reclamation, the types of plants, and the number of plants to be planted in the area. 
  3. Socialization of the reclamation plan to the surroundings in order to obtain support from stakeholders during the reclamation.
  4. Arrangement of land in blocks planned for reclamation, both for revegetation and other uses. 
  5. The reclamation in the form of revegetation (planting) is carried out through the following: 

            • Provision of ready-to-plant seeds 
            • Preparation of cultivation media 
            • Determination of spacing 
            • Preparation and filling of planting holes 
            • Planting (main crop or cover crop)

Offshore Mine Reclamation

Prior to carrying out offshore mining, the Company conducted Environmental Impact Analysis (ANDAL). Through ANDAL, the Company ensures that all offshore mining activities shall not be carried out in offshore areas whose grounds are covered with coral reefs and it shall be far away from tourists. As a token of commitment to offshore mining management, the Company has prepared seven Offshore Reclamation Plans for each area as follows:

  • Offshore Bangka (One Document): this includes the Onshore IUP of Bangka Regency, West Bangka Regency, Central Bangka Regency, South Bangka Regency, and Inter-Regency.
  • Offshore Karimun Kundur (Two Documents): Kundur Island and Karimun Island.