Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey [417-2] [F.30]

For the Company, customers are one of its main stakeholders. Therefore, the Company is committed to maintaining the level of customer satisfaction. Apart from product quality, customer satisfaction is also heavily influenced by service quality, thus, the Company always urges its employee to be committed to providing the best service to all customers.

To measure the level of customer satisfaction, the Company periodically conducts surveys online. This survey aims to obtain feedback or input regarding sales issues or product information and to maintain good relations with customers. The Company has also set goals to increase customer satisfaction by improving the Company's performance in the future.

There are seven aspects of assessment in the customer satisfaction survey. The Company uses the Customer Engagement Score (CE Score) with a score of 1 indicating very dissatisfied and a score of 5 indicating very satisfied. The survey results show that in general customers are satisfied with the quality of the Company's products and services. 

Throughout 2022, the Company have no incidents of noncompliance with regulations and/or regulations regarding product and service labeling and information. Considering that most of the Company's customers are abroad, the Company has its own methods and policies in establishing relationships and communication with customers. The Company also carries out other activities, such as inviting and receiving visits from customers to operational areas, visiting customers, and socializing changes if necessary. The Company also ensures the quality of its products, 100% of the Company’s products have been assessed for compliance with applicable local procedures. One of which is Tin Metal by obtaining certifications of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17025: 2017.