Work Culture

Company’s Work Culture is a philosophy with a view of life based on the values of the properties, and also the driving habits cultivated in a company which is reflected in attitude into behavior, ideals, opinions, views and actions materialized as employment.

With the creation of a workplace culture that is effective and efficient in the company, expected to contribute maximally to achieve the company's vision seeing that management and employees have the same responsibility.

Work Cultures of PT TIMAH Tbk are:

Togetherness means that all employees and management commit to doing work together according to their respective functions and roles to achieve company goals.


Openness implies that all employees and management have the readiness to open opportunities for communication of ideas, suggestions, and changes to improve the competitiveness of the Company.


Cleanliness means that all employees and management have the spirit and awarness to maintain a clean work environment and a harmonious working atmosphere in The Company and the community.