GCG Organ Structure

The Company ensures that GCG implementation includes the participation of all organizational elements from the Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, Committees, executive officers, and all employees, and it covers the Company’s whole operational scope by establishing the GCG implementation structure.

The Company’s GCG infrastructure is government policies that include guidelines, charters, systems, manuals, Company regulations, and other policy tools as guidelines to implement GCG in daily operational activities. Updates are carried out regularly to maintain compliance with best practices, conditions, and developments in Company’s business environment as well as changes to various applicable laws and regulations. 

Up till the end of the 2021 fiscal year, PT TIMAH Tbk’s GCG infrastructure includes:
• Company Articles of Association
• The Code of Board of Commissioners
• The Code of Board of Directors
• Audit Committee Charter
• Internal Audit Charter
• Whistleblowing System
• The Code of Good Corporate Governance (GCG Code)
• Company Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics.
• Company Policies and Regulations
• Operational System and Procedure 

The policy information is published on the Company’s website and can be accessed by the public.