Gratification Policy

PT TIMAH Tbk is committed not to grant and receive gifts and gratification, with the issuance of the Board of Directors Decree No. 1846 / TBK / SK-0000/2014-S11.2 dated December 9, 2014 which has been updated with the Guidelines for controlling gratification within PT PT TIMAH Tbk that is already listed in the Company Regulation No .002 / Tbk / PER-0000/19-S11.1 dated April 8, 2019. This policy regulates the granting and receiving of Gratifications carried out by PT TIMAH Tbk Individuals as well as efforts to prevent and control Gratification within PT PT TIMAH Tbk.

This policy was made by referring to Corruption Eradication Commission Letter No. B.143 / 01-13 / 01/2013 dated January 21, 2013 concerning Appeal relating to Gratification and Corruption Eradication Commission Letter No. B.1341 / 01-13 / 03/2017 dated March 15, 2017 concerning Guidelines and Limitation of Gratification. The Gratification Control Policy has been published on the internal portal and the Company’s website.