Procurement of Good and Service Policy

The Company is committed to procuring goods and services professionally and transparently. The commitment to realize a professional and transparent procurement is stipulated in Company Regulation  No. 0010/Tbk/PER-0000/23-S11.1 concerning the Procurement Guidelines of Goods/Services in PT TIMAH Tbk.

Procurement of Goods/Services in PT TIMAH Tbk has to implement the following principles:

  1. Efficient means that the procurement of goods/services must have endeavored to obtain optimal and best results in a short time by using funds and capabilities as optimally as possible in a reasonable manner and not only based on the lowest price. For strategic procurement of goods/services that have significant value, the total cost ownership (TCO) approach can be used;
  2. Effective means that the procurement of goods/services requested must follow the needs that have been determined and provide the maximum benefit per the targets set by the Company; 
  3. Competitive means that the procurement of goods/services must be open to providers of goods/services that meet the requirements and are carried out through fair competition among providers of goods/services that are equal and meet certain requirements/criteria based on clear and transparent provisions and procedures;
  4. Transparent, meaning that all provisions and information regarding the Procurement of Goods/Services, including technical requirements of procurement administration, evaluation procedure, evaluation results, and determination of Goods/Services Business Partner candidate, is open for all Business Partners/participants who are interested.
  5. Fair and proper, meaning to give equal treatment to all Goods/Services Business Partner candidates who fulfill the requirements; and
  6. Accountable means that it must achieve its target and can be accountable to avoid potential abuse and deviation.


Procurement Policy

  1. Improving the quality of consolidative planning and strategies for the procurement of goods/services to optimize value for money;
  2. Align procurement objectives with the achievement of company objectives;
  3. Implement more transparent, competitive, and accountable procurement of goods/services;
  4. Prioritizing the use of domestic products by the provisions for the utilization of domestic production;
  5. Strengthening institutional capacity and human resources for the procurement of goods/services;
  6. Utilizing information technology;
  7. Provide opportunities and/or synergies to SOEs, SOE Subsidiaries, SOE Affiliated Companies, Subsidiaries, and/or Company Affiliates, as long as the quality, price, and purpose can be accounted for and the goods/services required are products or services under the line of business. from the concerned Goods/Services Provider;
  8. Implement strategic, modern, innovative procurement;
  9. Strengthening procurement performance measurement and risk management;
  10. Increasing the procurement of goods/services according to the needs of the Company, meeting technical specifications, quality, sufficient quantities, on time and at reasonable prices;
  11. Referring to the Company's Work Plan and Budget (hereinafter referred to as RKAP) which has been determined by the Board of Directors;
  12. Strive for the procurement of goods/services by prioritizing the manufacturer (source) through an authorized agent;
  13. The procurement of goods purchased by the provider of the goods directly from abroad is equipped with the documents listed in Article 5 of the Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods/Services.

The Company has established several requirements for business partners who wish to partner with the Company based on the prevailing laws and regulations. This is also one of the Company’s efforts to obtain goods and services with the best quality and price.