Audit Committee

The Board of Commissioners establishes the Audit Committee not only as a form of compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations but also to improve the implementation of supervisory duties by assisting the Board of Commissioners in ensuring the effectiveness of the performance of the internal control system in the Company’s business and reliability of the presented financial information.

Audit Committee Charter

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the Company’s Audit Committee refers to the Audit Committee Charter that contains the provisions regarding the organizational structure as well as the membership of the committee, including other conditions, which are:

  1. General Provision;
  2. Establishment of Organization and Membership of Audit Committee;
  3. Duties, Functions, and Authorities of the Audit Committee
  4. Work Program;
  5. Job Evaluation and Expenses; and
  6. Conclusion.

The Company is constantly reviewing and updating the Audit Committee Charter when necessary to maintain the relevance and effectiveness of the implementation of Audit Committee duties with the development of the Company’s business. In 2022, the applicable Audit Committee Charter is No. 12/Tbk/Kep/DK- tanggal 30 September 2020 and updated through the Board of Commissioners Decree No. 09/Tbk/Kep/DK- dated October 17, 2022.

Audit Committee Personnel

Pursuant to the general provision stipulated in the Audit Committee Charter, the membership composition of the Company’s Audit Committee consists of a minimum 3 (of three) members chaired by an Independent Commissioner, as well as another member from the Board of Commissioners and one professional individual who are independent of the external of the organization or not an employee of the Company within the last year. In addition, pursuant to the prevailing laws and regulations, the Company’s Audit Committee has at least 1 (one) member with educational background and expertise in accounting and the financial sector.

Membership Composition of Audit Committee

As stipulated by the Board of Commissioners through the Board of Commissioners Decree No. 07/Tbk/Kep/DK- dated June 27, 2023, the membership composition of the Company’s Audit Committee is as follows:


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