Our Business

PT TIMAH is a producer of metal tin with high standards and quality.

PT Timah Industri

PT Timah Industri is a direct subsidiary that is owned by the Company which engages in the downstream tin industry intending to increase added value Company is located in the KIEC Cilegon area, Banten. The products produced by  PT Timah Industri are tin solder and tin chemical. The tin chemical is the best heat stabilizer because it is beneficial for rolling, forming, and injecting hard molded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) molding materials. This material is also used in the food packaging plastic industry and other hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products for the plastic building material industry such as doors, plastic windows, water pipes, and decoration materials. PT Timah Industri was established based on Notarial Deed Imas Fatimah, S.H., No. 74 dated June 18, 1998.

 TIMAH's Share Ownership is as follows:

Shareholders  Number of Shares (/lembar) Ownership Percentage (%)
PT TIMAH Tbk 762.978 99,99
PT TImah Investari Mineral 120 0,01

The Vision and Mission of PT Timah Industri are:

Vision: To be the leading tin downstream company in the world
Mission :
1. Building competent human resources in tin downstream industries.
2. Strengthening competitiveness and value-added in tin downstream products.
3. Boosting domestic tin downstream products uses.

The composition of the Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT Timah Industri are as follows :

Name Occupation
Heri Nurzaman Commissioner
Ria Wardhani Pawan President Director
Amin Haris Sugiarto Director