Our Business

PT TIMAH is a producer of metal tin with high standards and quality.

Non Tin Product

As commitment to innovation and sustainable development PT TIMAH Tbk collaborated with other companies to produce non tin products such as international standard.

The Company operates business activities for non-mining sectors through its subsidiaries, such us :

  1. Engineering and ship repair service to serve the needs of the Company's internal and external parties, including marine ship maintenance services, marine shipbuilding, trading services (lease/purchase) for marine ship product and other shipbuilding service;
  2. Tin metal downstream industry services / sectors in the form of tin chemical and tin solder products.
  3. Agribusiness service/ sectors to develop farming sectors, such as agriculture, livestock and agricultural land reclamation service.
  4. Property services to establish a business in land development or management sector for residential infrastucture, in wich the Company develop its properties in (3) three strategic areas.