Our Business

PT TIMAH is a producer of metal tin with high standards and quality.

Non Tin Product

In addition to tin mining, the Company runs non-tin mining business and business activities beyond mining operations, that is services, through its subsidiaries.

The following types of non-tin products and services are produced through the Company's subsidiaries:

  1. Nickel, coal, and quartz sand products.
  2. Engineering and ship repair services to serve both internal and external demand to the Company, namely the provision of marine ship maintenance services, marine shipbuilding, trading services (leasing/buying) marine ship products, and other shipyard services.
  3. Reclamation and agribusiness services including agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, trade, essential oil industry, and agro-tourism services.
  4. Real estate/property, engaging in the development sector or land management for residences and shophouses as a residential supporting facility.