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Wow PT Timah Tbk's Former Mining Land Can Be Used for Grape Plantations

EAST BELITUNG - Former tin mines don't always leave puddles. If the arrangement is carried out in accordance with the ex-mining land reclamation plan, it can be used for various needs. Such as plantations, fisheries, and other forms.

Like this one, the ex-mining land of PT Timah Tbk which is located around the Batu Besi primary mine located in Burung Mandi Village, Damar District, East Belitung Regency has been transformed into wine and other fruit plantations.

Apart from grapes, watermelon, melon, corn and papaya have also been planted in this area.

In managing this fruit plantation, PT Timah Tbk cooperates with the Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Maju Bersama Desa Burong Mandi. Cooperation in the management of ex-mining land is a form of community empowerment program carried out by the company so that it can have an economic impact on the community.

The Director of BumDes Maju Bersama Nurdin, said that currently there are dozens of grapevines that they are developing. The grapes they grow are green grapes and red grapes.

"There are about tens of green grapes, and before that there were red grapes too," said the Director of BumDes Maju Bersama Nurdin.

According to Nurdin, there is no special treatment for the development of grapevines, only that fertilization and watering need to be considered. So far, there have been no significant obstacles in growing grapes.

As for maintenance, he said it was still the same as other fruit crops, only that the land had been planted with other plants several times, so the soil had proven to be quite fertile.

He said the grapes planted were already able to produce fruit. However, he admits there are some who are still waiting for the process to bear fruit.

"Initially, we made the stems first, we didn't multiply the branches first, and thank God now the stems are all strong," he explained.

They brought grape seeds from Lampung, because previously they also bought the seeds of the fruit at the same time.

"It's already fruitful, it's just a matter of the taste isn't too sweet, and maybe it's not too old, so we'll just have to wait," he explained.

According to him, in the future, his party plans to develop grape cultivation more widely if the taste of this wine is in accordance with market expectations and needs.

"If it is good, we will develop the vine again in the future," he said.

He admitted that this cooperation in the management of ex-mining land continues to bear fruit, where BUMDes Maju Together with Burong Mandi Village has succeeded in harvesting tens of tons of various food crops and fruits.

Apart from grapes, they are currently working on the potential of watermelon plantations which are considered to be producing results.

"Currently, the impact of the processing of the ex-mining land has greatly affected the community, because people can directly get fresh fruit, so prices can be cheaper and help the community's economy," he said.