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Welcoming its 48th Anniversary, PT Timah Holds Free Health Services and Blood Donations in West Bangka 

WEST BANGKA -- Free health services for the community is one of a series of activities for the Month of Service to welcome PT Timah's 48th anniversary.

The free health checks and blood donations carried out in West Bangka Regency which were held at the Majapahit Building, Processing and Smelting Division in West Bangka on Saturday (6/7/2024) were enthusiastically welcomed by the public.

A total of 53 blood bags were collected from the activity and 108 residents participated in free health services.

Apart from PT Timah employees, blood donors were also participated in by several institutions such as the TNI, POLRI, and employees within the West Bangka district government and the community.

Wahyu Apriono (29), a resident of Pal 4 Daya Baru, West Bangka, said that he routinely carries out donations. According to him, blood donation motivates the community to help patients.

"PT Timah's Bakti Month blood donation is very good, it motivates the community to help others or patients who need blood in West Bangka as well as increasing the hospital's bloodstock," he said.

He hopes that in its 48th year, PT Timah can continue to move compactly, become more advanced and exist in holding social service activities every year and improve the level of public health.

Likewise, Setiadi (32) admitted that he knew about PT Timah's Social Services from social media. According to him, PT Timah was quite concerned about the health of its residents.

"Knowing that there were blood donation activities and free medical treatment organized by PT Timah, I immediately came here. These two activities show that PT Timah cares about the health of its residents," he explained.

Meanwhile, Ngatijo (62), a resident of the Sungaidaeng subdistrict, said that PT Timah's activities were right on target and expected by residents.

"Free treatment, blood donations as well as mass circumcision, the program is right on target and expected by residents. This program helps improve health and helps ease the burden on the community," said Ngatijo after carrying out a health check.

Meanwhile, PMI Bangka Belitung Chairman Abdul Fatah appreciated PT Timah's Month of Service, according to him, this activity is a form of education for the public so they can donate blood.

"PT Timah took the right moment because it coincides with the school holidays. Activities like this educate people to want to donate blood. Donating blood builds positive energy within oneself because old blood will come out, and ultimately blood circulation will occur in the human body," he said. (*)