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Tri Wahyuningsih Receives Medical Expense Assistance from PT Timah Tbk

SOUTH BANGKA - Tri Wahyuningsih (41) a resident of SP Hamlet. A, Rias Village, Toboali District, South Bangka Regency, has had breast cancer for two years. To reduce Tri's medical expenses, PT Timah Tbk handed over assistance to Tri.

Tri could only lie in bed at her parents' house. She could no longer move because his condition continued to decline.

According to Tri's sister, Endang Susilawati, her older sister, could no longer move because her body started to hurt when she moved.

“Now my sister can only lie in bed, she can't stand up anymore. Even sitting down she hurts, just to move her body he is in pain, "said Endang.

She did not expect that his older sister would have this malignant disease. They only found out about breast cancer during an examination at the hospital.

"It's been two years since my sister was sick. Actually, the lump had appeared for a long time, but we didn't know that it was a serious illness. Because several times she was examined, she said it was just hormones, but it's getting worse and worse," she said.

After learning that their sister had cancer, they did not immediately perform surgery because Tri's health condition continued to decline.

However, this condition actually got worse because the lump broke. Finally it was decided to do the operation.

"During the first operation, her condition had improved. We didn't even think that the lump was growing back. And the time was very short, in which in the past two years the lump has grown three times, and during that time five operations have been carried out," she said.

After the second operation, her brother's health condition was getting worse. Her weight is getting smaller.

In addition to medical measures, alternative treatment efforts continue to be made by the family for Tri's recovery.

"The condition of his cancer was stage four, and the doctor said that with such a condition it had indeed spread everywhere. The pain can go to the feet, to the hands, to the back, almost all over his body is the pain he feels," she said.

Her party was grateful to be able to get help from PT Timah Tbk, this assistance will be used to help pay for her sister's treatment.

"We will use this assistance for the treatment of our sister because the medicines are still ongoing. Thank you very much to PT Timah for helping our sister. We really didn't expect PT Timah to help us,” she said.