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Tins gallery, a gift from PT Timah for the Pangkalpinang Anniversary

TINS Gallery
PT Timah gave a gift for Kota Pangkalpinang's 263th Birthday, by inaugurating the TINS ??Gallery & Boutique Resto (17/8/20).

Not only being the center of the UMKM product gallery, TINS ??Gallery is also a place to enjoy culinary offerings.

The Mayor of Pangkalpinang, Maulan Aklil, appreciated what PT Timah had done that made the assets which had been less useful so far became TINS ??Gallery, especially in the city center of Pangkalpinang. For Molen, Maulan's nickname, the existence of TINS ??Gallery, provides a different atmosphere for the community, becoming a birthday present for Pangkalpinang. "We appreciate this TINS ??Gallery and provide a different nuance," he said.

TINS Gallery, he said, is not only a museum that displays products of Babel UMKM, but also as a representative culinary. "In addition to presenting UMKM products, the Gallery also provides luxurious and representative restaurants," he said.

Head of Corporate Communication, Anggi Siahaan said that TINS ??Gallery is not only a gallery, but also a tourist destination that has the capacity as a plaza in the middle of the city, with the support of quality cafes and restaurants with special culinary menus, instagramable interiors and outdour areas and excellent service. . "TINS Gallery, a new offering by PT Timah to support the economic growth of the UMKM community and the Bangka Belitung tourism sector," said Anggi.

Carrying a heritage concept, in the TINS ??Gallery there are UMKM gallery facilities, boutique restaurants, education and entertainment to become attractive icons for visiting tourists. The presence of TINS ??Gallery is PT Timah's commitment to support the UMKM industry in Bangka Belitung as a support for regional tourism. Starting from a tour of guests and employees, in 2018, this heritage building began to renovate to restore its heritage values, along with the cultural observer of Babel, Akhmad Elvian.