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Timah Mengajar, How PT Timah Tbk Introduces the Tin Mining Industry to Students

BANGKA - The Timah teaching program implemented by PT Timah Tbk this time visited SMAN 1 Riau Silip, Silip Village, Riau Silip District, Bangka Regency, Monday (28/11/2022).

This MIND ID Mining Industry Holding member assesses that improving the quality of human resources in the mining circle is one of the sectors of concern to PT Timah Tbk. For this reason, this Issuer with the TINS ??Code carries out various educational programs, one of which is the Teaching Lead Program.

The tin teaching program is part of PT Timah Tbk's CSR, a form of educational program packaged in various educational activities.

The Timah Teaching activity at SMAN 1 Riau Silip was also attended by several schools in Riau Silip District, namely SMP Negeri 1, SMP Negeri 2, SMP Negeri 3, SMP Negeri 4 and SMA Negeri 1 Riau Silip.

Head of OSIS SMA N 1 Riau Silip Muhammad Fadil Sabana (16) said Timah's teaching program was fascinating because it can motivate them.

He was grateful to the OSIS board for getting the opportunity to take part in this activity. Because this program can awaken the spirit of leadership. Apart from that, they also received materials about tin.

"The material presented by the speakers was very interesting, and very motivating for us, so that we study harder and how to pursue our goals, and the presence of games makes this event even more exciting," he said.

According to him, this teaching lead program can increase the enthusiasm of the younger generation to stay in school and achieve their goals.

"We also wish to be able to visit operational sites owned by PT Timah Tbk, such as smelters and also mines at PT Timah Tbk, so that we can broaden our insights deeper. I am also very interested in joining PT Timah Tbk because after this I plan to continue my education in Shipping or Business Management," he said.

In line with Fadil, Rafael Purnama (13) as Head of the Student Council of SMP N 1 Riau Silip is also very grateful to have the opportunity to take part in this program.

"It's very exciting, later if there is still a program like this we also want to be involved again. Because besides adding knowledge, insight also adds friendship. Hopefully, this program can continue to educate students about tin in Bangka Belitung. Because this program provides an excellent education for us," he said.

For him, Timah's teaching program can broaden their knowledge not only about tin but also about others.

"We also hope to collaborate with us, by carrying out this Teaching Team activity at our school. So that friends at school can take part in this activity and feel the excitement and special at SMP N 1 Riau Silip," said Rafael.

SMP N 3 Riau Silip's Student Council Advisor, Dewi Permata Sari, said her students were enthusiastic about participating in this program.

"This event organized by PT Timah is very interesting for our children, they can get to know more about the tin business at PT Timah Tbk. And this program is very extraordinary. Hopefully in the future PT Timah can continue to work together better," he hoped.

The Principal of SMA N 1 Riau Silip Kurniati appreciated the program run by PT Timah Tbk.

According to her, his party had long hoped that PT Timah Tbk could work together with schools to learn about the tin mining industry and its benefits.

"Out there programs like this have been introduced early on, namely from elementary school, so that they as children in the region know that the area has natural wealth and in the end, they can appreciate, protect and then synergize too. And of course, they can become part of these companies," she said.

She considered PT Timah Tbk to be a pioneer in implementing the Teaching Timah program, PT Timah Tbk said she also often supports the education sector in Bangka Belitung.

"This activity has a very good educational impact on students, where it can provide a new perspective for them about the world of tin and also its use. Moreover, this is our asset, as the biggest tin exporter," said Kurniati.