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The Young Generation Football Association of Kulur Receives Aid from PT Timah Tbk

*Improve the Sports Facilities of the Kulur Village Community

CENTRAL BANGKA - Village football clubs in the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands continue to emerge. This is not surprising, because this round ball sport is indeed in demand by various circles of society.

In fact, many football athletes began to emerge from the village football club. Realizing this, PT Timah Tbk continues to strive to support community sports activities by improving sports facilities and infrastructure.

As in Kulur Village, Central Bangka Regency, which also has a football club, the Kulur Young Generation Football Association (PS GMK). To support the sports activities of the Kulur Village community, PT Timah Tbk handed over assistance to the PS GMK club through the Kulur Bersatu Youth Organization, Kulur Village, Lubuk Besar District, Central Bangka Regency.

In addition to providing assistance, PT Timah Tbk, represented by the Production Supervision Division for the Central Bangka Region, also played sports with this soccer club with a friendly match on the green field of Kulur Village, Friday (29/07/2022).

Chairman of the Bersatu Kulur Youth Organization Hodri (40) said this friendly match was part of the friendship between PT Timah Tbk employees and the youth in Kulur Village.

"Alhamdullilah, today we can host friends from PT Timah Tbk, where today we can have a friendly match with the Timah Employees," he said.

He said that his party was very happy to receive assistance from PT Timah Tbk which they would use to improve soccer sports facilities and infrastructure such as field repairs, replacing goal posts that almost collapsed, and reorganizing soccer fields because there are some parts that have holes that can endanger the players. player.

"In addition, we will use this assistance to buy club costumes, balls and some training equipment for our players. So far, during training, we are very limited in supporting equipment such as balls, not infrequently we also have to wait a long turn to do training sessions," he said.

He said, this soccer field is used almost every day to play ball, where from the age of five to veterans use this field for practice.

"We hope that with the assistance from PT Tin, we can improve our achievements in the world of football, where previously we won the inter-district league or other events," he said.

Similarly, Kulur Village Head Ahmad Yani (47) feels proud that PT Timah Tbk has helped the football club in their village, he said PT Timah Tbk routinely helps its residents in various fields.

"Indeed, PT Timah's assistance for our village has been extraordinary, and we always maintain good communication with PT Timah, hopefully in the future our relationship with PT Timah will continue to be well established," he said.

He hopes that in the future the synergy of PT Timah Tbk with the people in Kulur Village can continue so that it can have an economic impact on the community.

"We hope that in the future we can continue to carry out activities together with PT Timah, through post-mining programs such as village oil palm plantations, as well as by empowering our communities, so that synergies can continue to be created," said Ahmad.