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Tanjung Gunung Fishermen make fish FADs

* PT Timah Tbk PPM Program

BANGKA CENTRAL - Tanjung Gunung fishermen in Central Bangka Regency in collaboration with PT Timah Tbk to build FADs or fish houses which will be submerged in the Tanjung Gunung waters. The making of this FAD is a form of PT Timah Tbk's Community Empowerment Development (PPM) CSR program, as an effort to drive the economy of the community around the mine. It is hoped that the making and drowning of FADs will later increase fishermen's catch because of the fish house.

Previously, the PPM program for making FADs had also been carried out by PT Timah with fishermen in Rebo, Bangka Regency. In addition to empowering the community, sinking FADs will also become underwater tourism and maintain marine ecosystems.This CSR program was welcomed by Tanjung Gunung fishermen, because it is considered very helpful for fishermen to increase their catch. Not only that, fishermen are directly involved in the manufacturing process, drowning and maintenance. This is done with the hope that many fish will come home made fish.

One of the fishermen involved in making this FAD, Hendra said that his party had wanted to build a fish house for a long time, but it was constrained by cost. According to him, the fishermen are enthusiastic about joining this program. "This program is solid and we are happy, because later it will be easy for us to fish, and this is also done by fellow fishermen. It is possible that the construction of FADs will be completed in two weeks, "he said.

According to him, later the FADs will be made in various types according to the FAD sinking point."There may be many shapes later. We will adjust the shape to the location of the drowning. "Together, we will determine the point, hopefully with the FADs there will be more fish, we appreciate PT Timah and have been supporting each other," he said.

Likewise, the Head of Tanjung Gunung Muslim Village said that his party appreciated PT Timah's program. According to him, not only this FAD, previously PT Timah had also helped fishermen by providing fishing gear. "We welcome it and this is very useful for our fishermen to build a fish house. If it is already a fish house, it will make it easier for the fishing community to get closer to fish. Our community has long wanted to build FADs only because of the cost during the Covid-19 season, but with the help of PT Timah this is very helpful, "said Muslim.

According to him, PT Timah does not only help fishermen. Since the existence of CSD in their village area, PT Timah has increasingly given contributions to the community, such as health programs, livable housing programs and other social assistance. He hopes that the synergy between PT Timah and the fishing community can run well so that later there will be more benefits that can be received by the community with the presence of CSD in their village.

"We hope that this assistance will not only end here and must be improved, not only FADs can also be fishing gear for fishermen. So far, PT Timah has helped the people of Tanjung Gunung a lot, yesterday it also helped dredge fishermen's anchoring channel. There is also a lot of assistance to residents who are not fishermen, "he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Corporate Communication at PT Timah Tbk, Anggi Siahaan, said that through PT Timah's PPM program, communities in the area around the mine are expected to be able to autonomy the economy around the mine area. "There are many PPM programs that we run, one of which is the construction of FADs which involves fishermen. This is a form of company empowerment for the communities around the mining area. We hope that with the success of this program, the fishermen's catch will increase so that it will also have an impact on fishermen's income, "concluded Anggi. (**)