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Taking advantage of Information Technology, the Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung Invites Everyone to Promote the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum

WEST BANGKA -- The presence of the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum (MTI) is not only an educational place that stores history. But it is also a location that supports community activities.

For this reason, the existence of the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum must be increasingly recognized by the domestic and foreign communities. Moreover, MTI Muntok presents various histories of Indonesian tin mining.

This was conveyed by the Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung, Ridwan Djamaluddin in closing the 9th anniversary of the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum last weekend.

"This museum should be a place to educate, enlighten and make people happy. In developed countries, museums are places where people gather," he said.

For this reason, he invited them to take advantage of this digitalization era to promote museums. So that it can be increasingly recognized globally, moreover MTI Muntok which is managed by PT Timah Tbk is very good.

"We need to strengthen the promotion of this museum, both at the local, regional, and global levels through digital, so people can see we have a good museum. This can attract tourists to come here," he explained.

Digital promotion, he said, would widen the reach of people to find out about the existence of the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum.

"Online is also important, faster, wider and it touches communities, especially millennials, that must be worked on too," he added.

He also hopes that the museum can accommodate supporting facilities for persons with disabilities so they can visit.

"Equally important, we also have to think that this museum can be enjoyed by various groups (inclusively), including those with special needs, people with disabilities, for example. How do we think about people in wheelchairs also getting to the top. What about visitors who can't see and hear or are wrong? one can still follow. This will be a step forward for this museum, we should think about it together," he hoped.

Ridwan invited all parties to support the development of MTI Muntok and promote it more massively so that it would become more well-known.

"Congratulations on the 9th anniversary of the Muntok Indonesian Tin Museum. This is one of my pride, and I will tell the wider community and friends to visit here, and later we will think about how to develop this museum to make it even more interesting," he stated. (*)