PT TIMAH Tbk continuosly supports the community in every aspect of life.


Supporting Facilities and Infrastructure for the Education Sector, Head of the Babel Education Service Calls PT Timah Tbk's Role in Special Education

PANGKALPINANG -- PT Timah Tbk, through the Environmental Social Responsibility program, continues to move to help the education sector in the company's operational areas. One of them is to support formal and informal educational facilities and infrastructure.

Until the third quarter of 2023, PT Timah Tbk has supported as many as 20 formal and informal educational institutions in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province and the Riau Islands Province.

Member of the MIND ID mining industry holding company, PT Timah Tbk, supports the construction of religious education facilities and infrastructure such as TPQ Al-Amin, Rumah Tahfiz Al-Quran Madani, TK/TPA and Tahfiz Masid Al A'laa and the Ma'had Tahfiz Hidayatul Qur'an Foundation.

PT Timah Tbk also supports early childhood education facilities such as Pertiwi Sungailiat Kindergarten, Sawang PAUD, Cenderawasih PAUD West Bangka and Sijuk 10 Public Elementary School.

Apart from that, PT Timah Tbk also provided assistance to support facilities and infrastructure at the Islamic Boarding School and the Orphan Foundation.

PT Timah Tbk's commitment to supporting educational facilities and infrastructure has been going on for a long time, this is the company's step to support improving the quality of education in the company's operational areas.

Head of the Bangka Belitung Education Service Ervawi said that PT Timah Tbk's support for the world of education in Babel was extraordinary. PT Timah Tbk often helps to support the education sector.

"Thank God, PT Timah Tbk's support has been extraordinary in the education sector, not only handing over books, but many others have given laptops, some have supported the development of educational infrastructure," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the recipients of assistance, the Principal of Cendrawasih Kindergarten/PAUD, Merri, said that being an educator at the school he leads is not easy.

The reason is, that they are limited in developing and running school operations due to cost constraints. So they hope for support from various parties including PT Timah Tbk.

"We are trying to seek help from other parties, one of which is PT Timah through its CSR. Thank God, this is the second time we have been helped," She explained. (*)