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Supporting Central Bangka Tourism, PT Timah Hands Over Facilities and Infrastructure in Bukit Pinteir

CENTRAL BANGKA – Supporting the progress of tourism in Central Bangka, PT Timah Tbk again distributed facilities and infrastructure to support the development of the Bukit Pinteir tourist destination in Pangkalan Baru, Central Bangka, Saturday (2/10/2021).

Bukit Pinteir is one of the natural tourist destinations owned by Central Bangka, the lush forest atmosphere makes this tourist area has its own charm. Although relatively new, this tourist destination is in demand by various groups, where in one month the number of visitors can reach 2000-3500 people.

The facilities and infrastructure in the tourist area managed by Pokdarwis Gempita are indeed not optimal, the article is still constrained. For this reason, PT Timah Tbk supports the management of tourist destinations carried out by the community by providing various facilities and infrastructure assistance.

PT Timah Tbk built five gazebo units to be used by visitors who come to this place. PT Timah Tbk also built a landmark or icon that reads 'Bukit Piteir' which is equipped with lighting in the form of a firing lamp.

In addition, to make it easier for the community, PT Timah Tbk made two units of uphill route map planks, signposts and parking instructions. As a form of education to the public, PT Timah Tbk also provided name planks for dozens of plants in this area.

To stimulate the economy, especially MSEs, the issuer with the TINS ??code also provided four units of MSME tents. It is hoped that the more complete facilities and infrastructure in the Bukit Pinteir area will increase tourist visits so that they can have a multiplier impact on the economic effect of the surrounding community.

Chairman of Pokdarwis Gempita who is the Manager of the Bukit Pinteir Area, Syahrial said, this tourist area was only formed about a year and a half ago, where this area used to be used as a hangout place for groups of young people during Covid-19. Gradually, they began to clean up, make makeshift facilities and infrastructure independently.

Apparently, this tourist destination continues to grow and is increasingly visited by people. The charm of natural tourism makes the Bukit Pinteir area continue to be visited by residents, especially if at night you can see directly the view of the capital city of Pangkalpinang.

“Initially, the effects of the corona virus were not intentional, we often hung out here, then we cleaned up. We often stay here too, never thought it would be like this. Finally, we communicated with various parties such as the Department of Environment, the Department of Tourism, it turned out to be supported, finally we continue to beautify this area, "he said.

Admittedly, the Bukit Pinteir area has a lot of charm, its location is close to Pangkalpinang City, close to Depati Amir Airport, a place that is still natural and presents interesting views.
"The potential is a lot, if the facilities are fulfilled, lodging can be made here, so people have a choice other than hotels, they can stay in a natural atmosphere like here. We are also planning to build a cafe above because it's open 24 hours, the atmosphere is good here. This is evident, from people who have come once they come back,” he said.

"This was once used for a filming location for a soap opera, and then several artists came here," he continued.

Previously, said Syahrial, the facilities were not adequate due to limitations, there was only one gazebo that was made by his colleagues in a makeshift manner.

“There is one gazebo, but to put it mildly, we make it because if there are visitors, their children want to rest. That's why we haven't collected dues because we haven't been able to fulfill the visitor's rights. Now, I am grateful that there is assistance from the gazebo and others from PT Timah Tbk," he said.

His party appreciates PT Timah Tbk for helping them to develop this area. This makes visitors more comfortable. In addition, the facilities are also more complete.

"For us, the assistance from PT Timag Tbk is extraordinary, in a situation like this, we don't expect from the government, only the government helps us in terms of licensing. We thank PT Timah Tbk, if you expect from us when we finish building this, "he said.

At first this was not built, we tried to make visitor facilities such as roads, resting places, then we proposed to tin. We haven't collected dues, we fulfill visitor rights/parking lots with paranets

Meanwhile, the Regent of Central Bangka Algafry Rahman appreciated PT Timah Tbk for supporting the progress of the tourism sector in Central Bangka. He admits, in developing the region, it is necessary to synergize with various parties.

“Alhamdulillah, PT Timah's synergy with the local government and the community, the government cannot stand alone without the support of other parties. We thank PT Timah for supporting our community in the tourism sector. Hopefully this is useful and the sustainability of tourist destinations in Central Bangka, "he said.

He considered, by helping the facilities and infrastructure of tourist destinations, PT Timah Tbk has supported the sustainability of tourist attractions.

"This assistance is very appropriate, because what PT Timah provides supports the sustainability of this tourist spot to become more beautiful and beautiful and pampers visitors," he said.

“This is a form of PT Timah's commitment in synergizing with the community. We see that as a picture of PT Timah caring for the community," he concluded. (**)