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Support the Babel Contingent in PON XX, The Board of Directors of PT Timah Tbk Witnessed the Match in Papua

PAPUA -- The XX National Sports Week (PON) held in Papua has just been opened by President Joko Widodo, in Jayapura, Saturday (2/10/2021). Finance Director of PT Timah Tbk, Wibisono attended the opening of PON XX in Papua, as a form of support for tins coded issuers to the contingent of Bangka Belitung Islands Province in this quadrennial sports event.

"The opening of PON went very well, I myself felt the ambiance of the opening activities with the Babylonian athletes in the middle of the stadium. The series went smoothly and for that, I on behalf of PT Timah Tbk congratulated Papua, also congratulations and success for the world of Indonesian sports. Our presence to Papua to provide direct moral support to the Babel contingent competing in PON XX," said Finance Director of PT Timah Tbk, Wibisono.

PT Timah Tbk's support for this sports event is not playful, even the President Commissioner of PT Timah Tbk, M. Alfan Baharudin was directly involved to succeed the contingent by becoming chairman of the Babel contingent in PON XX.

PT Timah Tbk from the beginning has shown its commitment to support Babel sports fighters who compete in PON XX by disbursing Rp1.4 billion in assistance for the cost of departing athletes and teams.

"If there is more support, it will make the athletes more excited to compete. We hope that later there will be many medals brought back to Earth Cognate Sebalai," he said.

The man who is familiarly called Soni said he will also watch some matches that will be followed by the Babylonian contingent. "The plan is that we will provide direct support by being present at several games such as athletics, billiards, basketball, and rock climbing," he said.

"I represent the company very proud of the struggle of the entire Babel contingent in PON XX Papua, deeply moved to see our athletes from Babylon show the results of training and hard work so far. God willing we will soon get the best results in PON, Babel Pacak!!," said Wibisono.

To spur athlete achievement, PT Timah Tbk has prepared a bonus for Babel athletes who managed to win medals in this event. "Compete with sportsmanship, losing wins is normal but must show the best results and spirit, bringing medals to make the name of Bangka Belitung," he said. (**)