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Still in the Moment of Ramadan, PT Timah Santuni for Orphans and Dhuafa in West Bangka

WEST BANGKA -- Still during Ramadan 1445 Hijriah, the Directors of PT Timah are again holding a Ramadhan Safari in the Operational Area. The Ramadhan Safari was also held at the Processing and Smelting Division located in the Muntok Metallurgical Unit, West Bangka Regency, on Monday (1/4/2024).

In the Ramadan Safari, which was attended by the Director of Finance and Risk Management, Fina Eliani, and the Director of Business Development, PT Timah Koko Wigyantoro, they also provided compensation for dozens of orphans and poor people in West Bangka.

One of the compensation recipients, Huriyah (8), admitted that she was happy to receive compensation from PT Timah. This orphaned child now only lives with his aunt.

"Very happy to receive PT Timah's compensation, the money was saved with Auntie first. My father died when he was 6 months old, while my mother died when Huriyah was 6 years old," said the Tunas Harapan Elementary School student, sadly.

Likewise, Furqon (5), TAUD student Saqu Salsabilah Mentok, an orphan, admitted that he was happy to break the fast together and receive PT Timah's compensation.

"It's nice to break the fast here because you give me money," he said innocently.

Meanwhile, Nurul Fitri, and Ustadzah Saqu Salsabilah Mentok, while accompanying Furqon's students (5) hoped that PT Timah's program of sharing happiness with orphans could be continued.

"This program is very good, it supports orphans and orphans, hopefully, it can be continued and improved, not only during the month of Ramadan, but at other times.
"Hopefully we will get blessings and PT Timah will progress further and continue to care for the people who need a helping hand," he hoped. (**)