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Soni did not Expect His Wife Will Receive Medical Assistance from PT Timah Tbk

PANGKALPINANG -- PT Timah Tbk again provides medical assistance for the community. This time, PT Timah Tbk helped Risda (35), a resident of East Kurau Village, Koba District, Central Bangka Regency who was being treated at the Pangkalpinang Hospital, Monday (30/5/2022).

Risda's husband, Soni (41) was seen swiftly accompanying his wife who was lying limp in one of the rooms of the Bakti Timah Hospital (RSBT). Since being diagnosed with complications, Soni and his wife have to regularly go back and forth to the hospital because his wife's condition often drops due to the constriction of her neck and heart.

"It's been about a year and nine months, we regularly undergo treatment for my wife. Where in one month, eleven times back and forth to the hospital, with eight times physiotherapy and three times to a neurologist, cardiologist and internal medicine doctor,” said Soni.

During the treatment of his wife, Soni has spent a lot of money, their various efforts to increase the cost of treatment.

However, with faith and hope for his wife's recovery, Soni continues to seek help for his wife's medical expenses

Soni said that his wife had complications in 2019. His wife, who was pregnant at the time, was diagnosed with heart disease and had to undergo surgery to remove the uterus. However, his condition continues to worry him because he is known to suffer from other diseases such as narrowing of the cervical spine, swelling of the heart, blood clots, stomach and diabetes.

He said that his wife is also planning to perform spinal narrowing surgery at a hospital in Jakarta.

Soni is grateful for the assistance from PT Timah Tbk, so that it can reduce the cost of his wife's treatment.

“Thank God PT Timah has helped us, I didn't expect PT Timah to help. We are very grateful to PT Timah, may PT Timah always be successful and always be a blessing, "said Soni.