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Sharing the Blessings of Ramadhan, PT Timah Tbk Distributes 14,400 Food Packages

PANGKALPINANG -- To help the community during the Holy Month of Ramadan, PT Timah Tbk through the 'Timah Merik Sembako Ramadhan Year 2023' program will distribute as many as 14,400 food packages to communities in the company's operational areas.

Tens of thousands of basic food packages will be distributed to low-income people in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province and Riau Islands Province.

Food package assistance for the community in the month of Ramadan is a routine program carried out by the Company to share with the community. This assistance is also a form of the company's concern for helping the community to meet their food needs.

These basic food packages have been distributed to each of the company's operational areas since the beginning of the month of Ramadan. In several areas, such as in West Bangka, these basic food packages are distributed directly to the homes of the recipients, some are distributed through the Village Government.

"Timah Merik Sembako Ramadhan 2023 is a routine program carried out by the company. This is one form of the Company's concern for the community. We hope this can be of benefit to the community," said the Head of Corporate Communications at PT Timah Tbk, Anggi Siahaan.

Anggi said that during this Ramadan month, apart from providing basic food packages, PT Timah Tbk also gave charity to orphans and orphans, the poor, the Koran teacher, and the mosque's guardian.

Meanwhile, the Head of Air Limau Village, Muntok District, West Bangka Regency Mexsidiansah appreciates the distribution of groceries from PT Timah Tbk to the people in their village.

He mentioned that as many as 200 residents in their village received basic food packages from PT Timah Tbk during the 1444 Hijriah month of Ramadan.

"This assistance will be distributed to people who have not received PKH, BLT, BPNT, or other assistance so that there is social equity so that social inequality does not occur in the Air Limau community," he said.

According to him, PT Timah Tbk often helps the people in their village, such as in environmental, social, and religious assistance.

"We, the Village Government representing the Air Limau community, would like to thank PT Timah. We hope that PT Timah will be more advanced, successful, and useful for the community," said Mexi. (**)