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Sabrina Admires PT Timah Tbk's Healthy Car, Free Medical Treatment on a Car

BANGKA BARAT -- Her son, Sabrina (66), eagerly waited for her turn to get health services at PT Timah Tbk's Healthy Car at the Air Putih Village Office, Muntok District, West Bangka, Thursday (23/9/2021).

He waited his turn with dozens of other residents to check his health. The residents of Selindung Hamlet have to travel about 30 minutes using a motorized vehicle to reach PT Timah Tbk's healthy car service.

While sitting waiting in line, he looked surprised to see other residents back and forth in the car. Where this car is equipped with medical equipment and health workers.

"I just came and was confused about where the treatment was at the village office or where, when I saw people getting treatment in the car," he said.

He admitted that he was impressed with the health services carried out at PT Timah Tbk's Healthy Car. For him this is something new and unique.

"Yes, I was in the car, not like in the car for treatment. It's comfortable inside, the doctor is friendly. All my life, I've just been treated in the car, usually at the Puskesmas or at the hospital," he said.

This woman deliberately went to a healthy car service because she had several complaints. Currently, he said, the midwife in his hamlet is on leave, so the health services are a bit disrupted.

"There was no midwife, that's why we came all the way here to seek treatment. Itching, frequent headaches. It's refreshing to have a car around here that can check the health of residents," he said.

He hopes that later this healthy car can visit their hamlet in Selindung, so they don't have to go far for treatment. In addition, he is also happy to get health services for free.

"Alhamdulillah, it's free to get medicine, understand now it's hard to find money. So be grateful that PT Timah's healthy car exists," he said.

Similarly, Ami Amilda, a resident of Air Putih who has a history of stroke, was grateful for the presence of a healthy car from PT Timah Tbk.

"I'm very happy to have this healthy car so it won't be difficult anymore to get treatment because my mother's condition is difficult to walk, so it's difficult to walk far," said Ami.

Besides feeling happy, he hopes that this healthy car can be present again in Air Putih Village

"If we want it often, so we don't bother going to Muntok for a check-up or to a doctor," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Air Putih Village, Ayun Permana, said that this was the first time that PT Timah Tbk's healthy car had visited their village. For this reason, he informed residents to take advantage of health services from PT Timah Tbk.

"The residents who received treatment consisted of five hamlets, there were around 100 people. There were from the hamlets of Air Putih, Kemang Masam, Tanjung Ular, Jungku, and Selindung. We appreciate the presence of PT Timah Tbk's Healthy Car in our village, the community is also enthusiastic about welcoming the activity this," he said.

In their village there is only a sub-health center, so for health services they must be referred to the Muntok Health Center.

"We hope that this will not happen just once, but come here again. So our people can be closer to their health services. During this pandemic, health checks actually have to be routine," he said.

According to him, PT Timah Tbk also often helps the community in their village, distributing some assistance and implementing several programs.

"Thank God there is a lot of help from PT Timah for the community. We hope that this collaboration and synergy can continue," he hoped.

PT Timah Tbk's Healthy Car since it was launched at the end of 2020 has visited various operational areas of the company. Through this Healthy Car, PT Timah Tbk is committed to bringing health services closer to the community, providing free services.

The Fund Program for MSMEs

In addition to carrying out the Healthy Car activity, PT Timah Tbk also disseminated the Micro Small Business Funding Program to the community for the community in Air Putih Village.

The Head of Air Putih Village said, Ayun Permana said that in their village there were also many MSMEs such as culinary businesses.

According to Ayun, their village has the potential of kenji fruit. So hopefully, MSMEs can take advantage of the PUMK program from PT Timah Tbk to develop their businesses. (**)

"Earlier, the community was enthusiastic about participating in the PUMK socialization. Because there are several advantages such as lower interest services, easier administration and others," he said.

"Hopefully later many people will take advantage of this program, because here there are also many MSMEs such as culinary," he said.