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Respect for Human Rights in Business Process, PT Timah Tbk Launching Business & Human Rights Policy

PANGKALPINANG -- The implementation of Human Rights (HAM) is part of business ethics. Respect for human rights by the Company has become a global commitment.

To strengthen the Company's implementation of respect for human rights, PT Timah Tbk launched the 'PT Timah Tbk's Human Rights Policy or Launching Business & Human Rights Policy of PT Timah Tbk.

The issuer with the TINS ??code has become a pioneer as a state-owned company that has a human rights policy within the company.

The launching and signing of the Human Rights Policy was also attended by the President Director of PT Timah Tbk Achmad Ardianto, the Director General of Human Rights at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Dr Mualimin Abdi, SH. MH, Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung, Ridwan Djamaluddin in the Main Meeting Room of PT Timah Tbk, Tuesday (27/9/2022).

The Human Rights Policy of PT Timah Tbk is a commitment of PT Timah Tbk to respect human rights embodied in the Human Rights Policy and forms the basis for the development of various policies and standard operating procedures for PT TIMAH Tbk.

PT TIMAH Tbk is committed to identifying the impact of its operations on human rights as part of its efforts to prevent and mitigate the negative impacts of its operations on human rights in accordance with the mining process of PT Timah Tbk.

President Director of PT Timah Tbk, Achmad Ardianto said the scope of human rights in this human rights policy includes civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights that are most relevant to the operations of PT Timah Tbk, its partners and supply chains.

The elaboration is respect for the right to employment which is realized through a commitment to equality and without discrimination. Second, respect for the environment and guarantees of occupational safety and health (K3LH). Third, Respect for Human Rights for Affected Communities. Fourth, respect for privacy and protection of personal data.

To implement this policy, PT Timah Tbk will take human rights due diligence measures by assessing the potential human rights risks and impacts of its operations by identifying, designing, controlling, preventing and mitigating on a regular basis.

Then, carry out Recovery of all negative impacts on human rights that have been caused by involving and/or collaborating with community organizations or trusted representatives from the community and relevant stakeholders in designing and implementing remedies to increase the effectiveness of recovery based on the principle of prevention and non-recurrence.

PT Timah Tbk will also establish a Complaints Mechanism, PT Timah is committed to establishing an accessible and fair complaint mechanism to receive all types of complaints and complaints from both internal and external parties.

"In carrying out the company's vision, human rights are basic things that cannot be separated, because in carrying out our business processes we consider all aspects and this is also an integral part of the company's vision to become a global mining company," he said.

PT Timah Tbk said he had gone through a long process in making human rights policies, so the company considered that the approach, respect, restoration and enforcement of human rights were important in implementing this policy.
"PT Timah Tbk is committed to monitoring and evaluating the implementation of this Human Rights Policy. Management within PT Timah Tbk coordinates, monitors and evaluates the implementation of this Human Rights Policy on a regular basis," he said.

PT Timah Tbk is also committed to fully support the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in preventing and eradicating corruption, one of which is the commitment to implementing an Anti-Bribery Management System as the basis for preventing and recovering the potential impacts and violations of human rights.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Human Rights, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Dr. Mualimin Abdi, SH. MH said that PT Timah Tbk was a pioneer in implementing human rights policies by the company.

According to him, this human rights policy is the basis for companies to realize respect, protection, fulfillment, enforcement and promotion of human rights.

"This Human Rights Policy is one way to build a company culture that is productive, effective, and synergistic in the field of human rights and makes the company a sustainable and business-responsible entity," he said.

Corporate responsibility in respecting human rights is enshrined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

"Many developed countries require a human rights-based economy by starting to implement human rights policies, human rights due diligence, as well as a complaint mechanism at a company," he said.

Indonesia is one of the countries that supports the adoption of UNGPs by the UN Human Rights Council through Resolution 17/4 dated June 16, 2011. This means that states and corporations must collaborate in realizing the promotion of human rights exists for everyone.

"World-class companies certainly realize that respect for human rights is one of the conditions to ensure the sustainability of the company's business. For that we encourage state-owned companies to start and we are proud and happy that PT Timah Tbk as a BUMN that has a human rights policy. This step is very appropriate carried out by PT. Timah Tbk by making a Human Rights Policy," he said.

"I hope that the Human Rights Policy that has been prepared by PT Timah Tbk can be applied properly and bring respect for human rights and sustainability in the company's business and can encourage other SOEs to be able to implement human rights policies," he said.

Meanwhile, the Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung Ridwan Djamaluddin appreciated PT Timah Tbk in terms of human rights business that must be implemented in all lines. He appreciated PT Timah Tbk for being a pioneer in human rights policy within the company.

“I see that this is a good commitment that PT Timah has implemented in running a business while still paying attention to business principles. The impact is very good because when the business processes that are carried out comply with human rights principles, they will get global support. This can be an example and encourage companies to do the same,” he said.