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Rahmat Grocery Store Can Fulfill Consumer Needs After Becoming a Foster Partner of PT Timah Tbk

KARIMUN – The grocery store business run by the couple Rahmat and Yanti, residents of Sawang Laut, Kundur Barat District, Karimun Regency, has experienced ups and downs. However, with a strong determination, the business of this husband and wife can still survive to this day and even continue to grow.

Rahmat said that he had been running a grocery store business for the past three years. At first, they had difficulty filling in the goods for sale due to limited capital.

No doubt this makes them unable to maximize in serving the needs of buyers. So they continue to think about adding more items to be sold in their shop or shop.

According to Rahmat, they are starting to find a solution to be able to increase their selling products by borrowing capital through the Micro Small Business Funding program (PUMK) from PT Timah Tbk.

Over time, with the approval of a capital loan from PT Timah Tbk, they can continue to add to their selling products. Not only selling groceries, they can also sell vegetables, kitchen needs and various other products that consumers need.

"Besides selling vegetables and rice, I also provide other basic needs so that residents don't have to go far to buy their kitchen needs," he said when met some time ago.

He said that with the PUMK PT Timah Tbk program, he could develop the business they were living. This also has an impact on their family's economy.

“There are many conveniences and waivers in PT Timah's PUMK Program so that it helps me a lot in running my shop business. My shop business is now starting to grow from before and this can add to the welfare of the family,” he said.

He hopes that this program can be continued so that more MSMEs are helped and can continue to develop their businesses. The easy system does not make it difficult for business actors to take advantage of this program.

"PT Timah's PUMK program is very interesting, I hope this program can continue to run, in order to help small business actors who have difficulty in capital in developing their businesses so they can compete with others," he said.