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PT Timah's 48th Anniversary Service Month Mass Circumcision Crowded by Residents, Ade Rizwa: Taking Part in PT Timah's Circumcision, Lots of Prizes 

WEST BANGKA -- Residents' enthusiasm for participating in PT Timah's 48th Anniversary Month of Service in West Regency is quite high. A total of 148 children took part in the mass circumcision which was held at Wisma Sriwijaya Mentok, on Saturday (6/7/2024).

The moment of the mass circumcision which was held during the school holidays made parents flock to send their gifts to take part in the mass circumcision to welcome PT Timah's 48th anniversary.

Asmi (62), a resident of Kranggan Mentok Village, said that the school holidays were the right time to make her child's wish for circumcision come true.

"When we received information from the RT that there was a mass circumcision from PT Timah, and the children had asked to be circumcised, at the same time as the school holidays, it was the right moment to grant the children's wishes for circumcision," he said.

According to him, in the midst of the current economic conditions, Asmi felt very helped by the mass circumcision from PT Timah.

"Alhamdulillah, grateful to feel helped by this activity, if we personally would have spent a lot of money, thank you PT Timah, hopefully, you will be more successful," he prayed.

Meanwhile, Romli (68), a resident of Teluk Rubiah Tanjung, said that PT Timah's mass circumcision had been good and hoped it would continue to be carried out.

"The activity is quite good, if possible this activity can be maintained every year. PT Timah's Month of Service helps ease the burden on the community. Hopefully PT Timah will progress and thank us from us," said Khaidir's parents, a participant in the Mass Circumcision.

Likewise, Sarlili (54), a resident of Kemang who is an MSME actor, admitted that he was happy with PT Timah's mass circumcision when he was taking his grandson for a circumcision.

"Alhamdulillah, I am very happy to help residents, so there is no need to pay for circumcised children. Thank you PT Timah," he said.

One of the participants in the mass circumcision, Ade Rizwa (10), a student at SD 12 Kemang Masem, admitted that he was happy to be circumcised during PT Timah's social service activities.

"I'm happy to be circumcised, I got lots of prizes, there are bags, school supplies, and money," he said innocently.

Junairi (10), a grade 5 student at Kranggan Elementary School, admitted that he had wanted to be circumcised for a long time.

"I'm happy to have been circumcised, there are lots of circumcisions here, and lots of gifts are given," he said.

Khaidir (9), class 3 at SD 21 Teluk Rubiah, said the same thing.

"Thank God, after the circumcision is finished, the school will have new bags from PT Timah," he said. (*)